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    Quote Originally Posted by foreverducky, post: 183870
    Wow, I feel crowded just from hearing your experience Tink! I would not have been able to handle all of that.
    I totally agree foreverducky . I got tired and claustrophobic just reading it . Gee Whiz, Sister Tink ... I'm glad you & Herself had a great time .
    Dear Jim thinks I'm whacky as I have always wanted to do NYE in Time Square . But Epcot must be super cool with the different countries .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 183839
    Speaking of night, this was the Blue Moon night. We did see the moon break out of the clouds and liked to imagine that it had a blue cast. Whether it truly did nor not is immaterial. It was the proverbial, "once in a blue moon" and we were enjoying the view from our beloved EPCOT, so all was right in the world.
    ...I do love this part.

    Hope 2010 holds nothing but beauty for you and Herself

    Thanks for the mini report

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    Thank you Becca. I hope your wish comes true!

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    We done NYE in 2008/2009 as it was much the same as Tink described it. Here is a photo taken at England at about 6.30pm.

    We did make a dinner reservations for Rose and Crown 6 months earlier which I am so glad that we did. This is sitting in the Rose and Crown

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    Oy! I'm glad I decided NOT to go. #1, the crowds, #2, I didn't have a designated driver. Being in that type of crowd without a little spiritous support would've sent me over the edge!

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    Yep! That's EXACTLY what it looked like.

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    Great report Tink!

    We went to Epcot a couple of years ago for NYE. I remember the noise. All of those free noisemakers, I swear it sounded like ducks mating all night lol. It was certainly fun to people watch.

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    Great report Tink. Just one more reason why I wouldn't do EPCOT on NYE though. :tongue:

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    We always miss it if we aren't there. We've done other things from time to time and not gone to EPCOT and always ended up wishing we'd gone! We don't stay long, and often say that perhaps one year we'll stay over so we can stay til midnight, but that hasn't happened yet.

    One year, we were there, and had dinner in Germany at 6:00 pm. That was the first year we realized it could be fun being in the country at their midnight. When we came out though it was crazy crowded. Worse than the photo. That was back in the years when several countries had bands, and others had different entertainment and events going on and you could barely get through the walkway. We left early (prior to Midnight) and haven't had the opportunity to be there at midnight, since.

    Maybe one day again...

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    Awe.....wish I'd know you were in Epcot at the same time as us Tink!!!!!!!
    We arrived around 9.30am and stayed until around 1am.

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