I got this from an old workmate on FB and I've done it today.

"Every night, count 3 good things that have happened to you today. You probably think there aren't 3, but, believe me, there are. Once you start counting them you'll be surprised that life is bursting with everyday delights. It won't cost you a thing and it might change your whole perspective. And on New Year's Day, what better time to start?"

Today I woke up and my boys were safe and sound in their rooms.

I hosted a 'leftovers' buffet for my family and spent a few hours enjoying their company, although they didn't make it I also had a lovely conversation with Sharon and Martin on the telephone.

Sally went to town today and bought a beautiful dress for me to try for her wedding in 2 weeks. Unfortunately it didn't sit right on me so I will probably stick with the one I have already bought, but I was touched that she had thought about me and went to the bother of purchashing it knowing she may have to return it.

What's happened to you today?