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Thread: The NeverEnding Trip Report - 2007

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    The One With A Bit Of Everything

    Hokey Dokey, time for another update

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    The One With 2 Months To Go!

    I couldn't believe it this morning when I woke up and realised:


    Can you believe it? It seems like only a few days ago that I posted up 'The One With 3 Months To Go' - It's crazy! But, I'm not complaining

    2 Months to this moment, we will probably have just loaded up the car with our suitcases, double checked we have everything (quadruple checked for me) and will be on our way to Manchester Airport's Travelodge where we'll be spending the night before flying 2 months tomorrow!

    I also started sending Els a Disney Countdown Character of the Day
    He got a Simba one for 62 days; and is getting a Dumbo one today for 61!

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    The One With The Top Things To Do

    I was chatting to Els and I asked him what are the things that he's looking to most on our vacation - sooooooo *surprise* I decided to post them up

    ELS TOP 5:

    1. Shark Dive at SeaWorld
    2. Dolphin Swim at Discovery Cove
    3. Rides
    4. Spending 3 weeks with me (Aah - I swear I didn't make this up)
    5. Food at places I've told him about

    One thing you might notice from his tops list is that it's very generalised - you can tell I'm the planner

    MY TOP 5 (in no order):
    1. Discovery Cove - The whole day
    2. SheiKra at Busch Gardens
    3. The Hulk (With FOTL access of course!)
    4. Disney (I can't single one thing out here - maybe if I had a top 50?!)
    5. ALL of my ADRs - each chosen with precision

    If we made a list of my top foods to eat, we'd be here all day!

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    The One With The Lime Green Mickey Heads

    Wooo now you guys can look out for me at the parks (someone on another forum - Joh, not sure if she's here?- sent me some) - she very kindly sent me some lime green Mickey heads (the Home Depot ones) and they arrived today

    I am getting soooo excited! AND we're in the 50s today! I keep finding myself telling Els "Just imagine, a year today..." then I have to stop and correct myself and say no, 2 MONTHS TODAY!

    2 months today we'll be lounging in the Sheraton pool, playing Congo River mini golf next door and looking at the gators, and hunting for bargains at the Disney Character Outlet!

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    The One With All The DIY - Part I

    Here are my oh-so-cute itinerary cards! Apologies that the photos of the itinerary cards are blurry - I think it's because the writing is so small on them, and also I took them with a camera phone (DBF keeps forgetting card reader in work therefore I can't use our normal camera!)

    I had some spare coloured card, therefore I cut them out after printing and stuck them on the card, then I laminated them! However it did get a bit messy here - I'd never laminated things before, so the first ones were a bit wrinkly but they did get better as they went on... (You can tell I made the blue ones first and the yellow ones last!) but then the laminator ate 3 of my cards (that's why 3 of the Disney cards are missing - I'll have to print out some more)

    I think they are so cute and handy! Another thought I had after laminating them (typical!) was to print out a mini-map of that particular park and also stick this on the back of the card.

    Anyway, here are the ones that I've done:

    Arrival Day - I spotted after it was laminated that I'd put Tuesday instead of Monday - d'oh! But I am not relaminating so it will have to stay like that!

    Pool Day


    Magic Kingdom - Day 1

    Magic Kingdom - Day 2

    Typhoon Lagoon


    Blizzard Beach


    Downtown Disney (not yet laminated)

    Departure Day (not yet laminated)

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    The One With All The DIY - Part II


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    The One Where Els Got Excited

    Well, I thought I hadn't updated in a while so I might as well post another installment

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    The One With All The Packing

    After a bit of holiday shopping on Saturday (again!) we were quite in the holiday mood, so decided we should finally start packing up! I have been waiting for this moment for weeks! He is a very tidy packer, complete opposite to me, which is funny since I'm the organised one! He also has massive cases compared to me!

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    OMG just noticed you are planning on going next year!

    Any dates yet?

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