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Thread: The NeverEnding Trip Report - 2007

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    The One Where We Did Universal, FOTL Style! Part I

    I don't think I woke up too badly today (my notebook is still AWOL so I'll have to carry on without it!) - I think it was around 7am when I woke which was much better, and we had set the alarm for around 7.30am so that wasn't too bad. I had already packed a bag for us both yesterday as today, we were moving to RPR for the night!! I was really excited to FINALLY get to a park, as I'm sure you will be to finally get some proper action!! I doubled checked our bag to make sure we had everything we needed, and made sure to double check I had our RPR confirmation and our Universal tickets! I got the laptop up and running and decided to Skype the taxi company instead of using the room's phone - we had been recommended to call Checker Cabs, and I had seen them pass the other day so had written down the number on the side. I had no problems with phoning them, and they told us they would meet us outside the hotel. I quickly left the maid her tips for today and tomorrow on the bed, and we were on our way down!

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    The One Where We Did Universal, FOTL Style! Part II

    By now we had done quite a bit, and I was dying for a drink so thought it would be a good time to go for lunch. It was 11.45am by now and there was a bit of a queue but plenty of room to sit inside. A man started speaking to me in the queue with the question, can I tell you a secret? Umm sure.... He wanted to tell me about the Meal Deal Bands. I said, okay thanks for letting me know, even though I knew already of course. He seemed incredulous that I didn't want to buy any, and kept on going, they sell them right outside! We were only planning on a light lunch and wanted to try Bubba Gump for dinner, PLUS drinks weren't included so this wasn't a good deal for us. The soda machine also wasn't working this day so we had to get a large lemonade instead of our usual Sprite.

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    The One With The Posh Hotel Room

    We were so glad to get on the water taxi, as it was so hot, and luckily there wasn't a problem with queues. Once back at RPR, we head to reception for our room assignment - it's ready! WOO! We get new keys and are told we are in room 3544, which is ideal as it is in the main building - so no walking around trying to find our room! We pick up our bag from Luggage Services and head on up! Again, I was excited to see our view.

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    The One With All The Whinging AKA Islands of Adventure

    We left you snoozing cosily in our obscenely huge bed in the Royal Pacific, after a bellyful o’ Bubba Gump. We had set the alarm for around 7/7.30am, and surprise surprise I was up again before it went off. Darn time zones. However, this meant I got to finish off packing our stuff that I was too tired to do the night before, meaning that all we had to do was change and skedaddle when the bell tolls.

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    The One Where We Stopped Whinging AKA Islands of Adventure

    How about lunch I suggest? I could smell the burgers coming from Burger Digs upstairs and boy did they smell good. But it’s only 11.30! Came the reply. True, true, and I had really wanted to eat at Enchanted Oak, only one land away… but I could not face going out in the sun again for a bit, and just wanted a sit down. Els went to grab a table and I went to grab the burgers. Luckily for me, I was second in line. Unlucky for me, the person in front’s family of fifteen came to join him. Argh! Don’t you hate it when that happens! I wouldn’t mind him standing in line and another person joining him, but heck, fifteen people – are you kidding me?! And all of them wanted to buy the Meal Deal wristband. And none of them knew what they wanted. Argh! Argh! Argh! The polite thing to do would have been to let me go first…. You know the type of people who have an overflowing trolley in the supermarket, yet you only have a bottle of water and a packet of Nik Naks and they just let you wait… ok, I’m off my soapbox.

    Fifteen minutes later, I order us 2 double cheeseburgers and fries, a coke for Els and a Sprite for me. Get my receipt, and oh, I spot that they also do single burgers. Ah well, we need energy. While I wait at the get-yo-food area, I notice people being served and they get their food way before me, it’s practically ready as they arrive at the collection point. I politely ask a girl what was going on, and she asks for my order so they can put it together. I get 1 of everything. I’m sorry *sigh* I asked for 2, and gave her my receipt. Another girl comes to look at it and she squeals, omg a lady just collected that 5 minutes ago! Can you believe it? While I was making the very long 3 metres over to the food-getty-place, someone had stolen my food! I was incredulous, this was the mother of all bad vacation days. The girls were great and just made up my order, I after all had the receipt! I think they should really ask for receipts, but I can’t believe the cheek of it! Someone got over $20 worth of food for free!

    I walked back to the table Els had got and told him the story – well, we couldn’t do anything except laugh, and it definitely lightened the mood! The mystery of the Burgernapper is ongoing. Anyway, I promise that is enough whinging in this TR and we’ll get back to the real business. I’m not going to post a review of Burger Digs here, but I shall say the burgers were awesome and huge! And post this:

    I’m glad we went there now!

    After a sit down and refreshment, and our tummies now full, we got a new lease of life. Onwards and upwards we go, for the Duelling Dragons!

    First up, the queue for this is long! I don’t mean the waiting, but you walk for ages just to get to the line! Luckily, it’s worth the walk! We tried Fire first and we set off in front of Ice and whilst it was great, we kinda wished they had waited to send us both of together. So as we were walking off, we spotted a side entrance to ride again. You don’t have to tell us twice! Off we went, this time choosing Ice, and this time, they sent us both off together and it was SUCH a better ride this way and the fear of getting your head kicked off was there (wait – did I say that out loud?!) We rode Ice again, before deciding it was in the best interests of our newly-fed stomachs to move onto something a little calmer. Thirsty again, we sidled up to a drink cart and I chose a pink lemonade slushee – very good, except a definite brain freeze alert! We took a break and a few photos:

    We watched the fountain for a while, before moving on to Seuss Landing.

    Now this is a cool land! The theming is absolutely fantastic and the colours are so bright! The only this is, it’s very very hot in this land, and I think it’s because of all the different colours. We filmed and took quite a bit of photos in here. I had wanted to ride the Sky Trolley, but it was out of use for the moment so we headed straight onto the Cat in the Hat – it was really cute but I wouldn’t make an effort of going on it unless you had kids. Maybe I’m biased as I had to throw away my lovely pink slushee before going on.

    We emerged into (surprise!) a giftshop and there were plenty of cool stuff here! We thought the Thing 1 Thing 2 t-shirts were a hoot, but they were quite expensive and we probably wouldn’t wear them again.

    Back around we go to Marvel Superhero Island. I was nervous about leaving our bags inside the locker again, but I made sure that we had one that shut properly and we remembered the number. The queue for Hulk was much larger now, even with FOTL it was around 10 minutes, so go when we park opens!

    We rode this again, and moved over to Spidey which we also rode again. Els is a huge Simpsons fan, and it’s true, he’s converted me over the 3.5 years we’ve been together, so everytime we rode this he had to quote Dr Nick: “I want upside down kiss with Mary Jane”. That is one of our all-time favourite Dr Nick quotes, aaaand if you don’t watch, you just think I’m insane right now!

    On with the show! It was approaching 3pm, and we’d done everything we wanted once, twice, thrice. If we were staying at RPR again tonight then we’d probably have gone back and chilled out, then come back and rode some more. But we weren’t, and it was getting very hot. We decided to go for it and we would ride Bilge Rat Barges and Dudley Do Right while our bag was in the locker. We queued for Bluto, and if I haven’t said it a hundred times this TR I’ll say it again, it was sooo hot! I couldn’t wait for that water! We got sat in a raft with a bunch of really fun Americans! We had a blast and the ride was awesome! The best rapid ride I’ve ever been on and we got SO WET it was unreal – there wasn’t a bit of me that was dry! Next up was Dudley Do Right – hey, when in Rome (another favourite quote from one of the best movies – Anchorman!). Since we were already soaked, we went for it, and this was really good too, especially the huge dip – but if you only have time to do one water ride, let it be Bluto!

    Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls

    Walking back, people actually seemed jealous that we were soaked as opposed to finding it funny, like I say, it was so darn hot!! Els spotted a sunglasses stand near Hulk so he went for a look there since his had broken the day before. He managed to get some really cool ones for $20 - bargain! Especially in a theme park! We were sideswept into a shop and I was paying for a few goodies to take home. when I turned around and there was a local celebrity queing behind us. He exclaimed he was so tired having been out fighting crime til 2am, and now just wanted to buy something for his dog. Els remarked, you look good though, and he answered, 'thanks bud, creepy, but thanks' - I thought this was hilarious! He posed for a quick photo:

    Before vanishing to have upside down kiss with Mary Jane! Sorry! Couldn't help myself! Els loves Spidey!

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    The One With The Cinnamon & The T-Shirt

    We collected our bag and waved goodbye to IOA as we set off towards Citywalk.

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    The One Where We Did I Drive - Part I

    After our last tiring 2 days, we felt no need to get up very early today, but still managed to get up at a decent hour, around 8.30/9am… we’re making progress on this time zone thing! We packed up our bag for the day, changed and headed on out of the hotel. Just as we were walking out, we spotted the Trolley at the stop so practically ran for it, and luckily we caught it. We were lucky in the fact that we were one of the first trolley stops on the way down I Drive, as it was usually empty when we got on which meant we could grab a seat.

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    The One Where We Did I Drive - Part II

    However, after catching the Trolley up there, we discovered there wasn’t really much choice at this stop at all. We would first do Titanic and then take care of our hunger. We paid at the main entrance to the exhibit, and luckily I had remembered a coupon I had for this as well.

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    The One Where We Shopped

    I am feeling the Florida Fever today, so I thought it would be nice to pick this up again and see if I can somehow get it finished before next trip (chance would be a fine thing!) - forgive me, as this is going to be from memory so it might be a tad patchy!!

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    The One Where We Did Busch Gardens - Part I

    Today was an exciting day – we were headed to Busch Gardens!! (Sorry, everything is from memory so it might be a bit jumpy!)

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