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Thread: The NeverEnding Trip Report - 2007

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    Since I've already written it (almost) and it just needs posting up, I'll post it all here and keep an Index on the front post to keep track. I'll only post the bits up in my pre-trippie where I actually have something decent to say or have photos!!

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    The One With The Cast

    I hope you don't mind me indulging in a pre-trip report when I'm still 98 days out, but it's now double digits and I'm soooo excited :yay:, I just can't help myself Anyway, I hope you join in on our excitement - I can't believe I'm starting to write my very own, VERY FIRST trip report!

    Two things you might have noticed about me by now - I go into detail about everything and take absolutely loads of photos on holiday - so expect a lot of both in my TR

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    The One With The Looong Itinerary - Part I

    Right, here is our proposed itinerary We are staying from 6th August til the 27th August, 11 nights at the Sheraton Studio City on International Drive, and 10 nights at Disney's All Star Movies Resort.

    Sun 5th Aug
    Woohoo! Our holiday and the excitement begins! We leave North Wales packed up and ready to go sometime after lunch - either with Els' parents or my parents, and set off for Manchester Airport. We're planning on getting dinner either in a nearby pub with the Parents as we're staying in Manchester Airport Travelodge tonight - not that we'll be sleeping as you know with the title of our trip report Wave goodbye to parents and try and get some kip. We'll also try and check-in online either at the hotel or at home before we leave, and make sure we have transportation to the terminal in the morning.

    Mon 6th Aug
    We travel from the Travelodge to Manchester Airport and check our luggage in, making sure we get the seats I pre-booked on the VA website MONTHS ago! I remind myself not to eat the sausages at Manchester Airport as I hate them but always seem to order them. Our flight leaves Manchester at 10.25am - my first long distance flight, and first time with Virgin! We are looking forward to flying with them very much.

    We arrive MCO at 2.35pm and transfer to the Sheraton. We're going to get a few snacks for the room from the 7/11 and have dinner somewhere close like IHOP.

    Tues 7th Aug
    Sheraton Pool & Congo River Mini Golf next door (I have never played mini golf in my life - I'm looking forward!) They also have Gators in the mini golf, so I'm looking forward to seeing them!
    Hopefully in the afternoon go to Prime Outlets.
    Dinner: Ponderosa (I found out a lad in my class will be at Ponderosa this date too, so I thought it would be fun to go the same time )

    Wed 8th Aug
    Our first taste of theme parks - Universal Studios!
    We are planning on having lunch at Monster's Cafe (love the theming!) and dinner at Richter Burger. Remember to take obligatory photo in front of globe! Jaws is my DBF's favourite EVER movie, so we are both looking forward to going on that (me for the first time, him for the second)

    Thurs 9th Aug

    This is right across the road to our hotel, so we plan to take another 'easy' day today. Breakfast at Ponderosa (cannot believe the price of that breakfast buffet!)

    Fri 10th Aug
    Busch Gardens
    I have booked us on the shuttle for 8.30am to be picked up at Universal Studios, since it's very near our hotel. We'll book a taxi from reception to get to US. I am VERY excited about this park, and cannot wait to ride SheiKra and Rhino Rally - if I do them I am happy! Els really wants to do Kumba again as that's the first rollercoaster he rode in his life. This will probably be a very tiring day and we won't have much time in the park due to the drop-off/pick-up times of the shuttle.

    Sat 11th Aug
    This is our International Drive day! It was meant to be 'easy' after yesterday's Busch Garden but it just sort of escalated! Another breakfast at Ponderosa and then off to Air Florida Helicopters for Tour No. 3 which goes over SW, DC, WW, IOA, US and I Drive. I'm excited as it goes over our hotel and hopefully I'll get some great pics here! We then plan on going to the Titanic Experience, something I really want to do (especially since I just finished my undergraduate thesis on Titanic & Salvage Law, which touched me a lot). We're also debating on doing Ripley's here, just for the reason we've been to the Blackpool one (in the UK). After lunch we're going to do Wonderworks which I think DBF will love, and I'd like to try and squeeze the 5pm Peabody duck march in here too if we have time. Dinner will be at CiCi's Pizza Buffet.

    Sun 12th Aug
    A park we're both very excited about - Islands of Adventure!
    We're planning on doing Enchanted Oak for lunch and Pastamore for dinner as I just love pasta/Italian food. I cannot WAIT to ride Hulk! Els loves Marvel stuff so I think we'll love it here (I've told him everyone raves about Spiderman). We're big rollercoaster freaks.

    Mon 13th Aug
    Seaworld – Shamu!!
    We're doing Mango Joes for lunch here - the menu sounds yum! Els is also doing his shark dive today at 2pm, he's really looking forward and a bit nervous! He loves sharks and has always wanted to dive with them - this was his birthday present from me. I have no idea what I'll do while he's doing that - shopping maybe?! I'll also take some photos of him, and get him to write up his experience for the TR after we're home. Tonight, we are also doing the Makahiki Luau at 7.15 - can't wait! This is the only dinner show we're doing. I wanted to do Dixie Stampede, but since we're not driving it wasn't an option.

    Tues 14th Aug
    Depending on which park we liked best out of US/IOA, this is what we're doing again today. If US, we plan on getting lunch at Mel's Drive In and then dinner at somewhere I am really excited about - Bubba Gump!! I just can't wait to go here, I love Forrest Gump!

    Wed 15th Aug
    REALLY looking forward to this, we are doing Discovery Cove.
    This is just going to be a nice relaxing day after the week we've had! We're going to be the first ones in and the last ones out!! We've just bought an underwater digital camera to take loads of pics here - which I'll post on my TR, of course!! Dinner will be somewhere really inexpensive on I Drive as I've heard the DVD and Photos cost big $$$ here.

    Thurs 16th Aug
    Whatever park we didn't do out of US/IOA this is what we're doing this afternoon. If it's IOA, then we're doing Thunder Terrace Falls for lunch just for the view. In the evening we're planning on doing the night shows at SeaWorld we missed due to the Makahiki Luau.

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    The One With The Looong Itinerary - Part II


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    Jun 2008
    Yay great to re read it Hayley.

    Can't wait for some more!!!

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    The One With The Totally Excessive Planning

    Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more planning…

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    The One With 3 Months To Go!


    ...Me and Els will be on our way to Manchester Airport to check into our airport hotel! I can't believe how much time has flown - I'm so excited!!! :p015:

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    The One Where I Was Really Naughty!


    Here is another update for you guys!

    Well, as you guys know I ordered the Pirate and Princess Tickets - they arrived yesterday! I was so excited! I thought I was meant to sign for them, but the delivery man left them in the porch! Ah well, I got them safely. The designs are soooo cute! We got the Seven Dwarves one and the Mickey and pals one (I will post photos of all tickets and items in a future update). Els called the Dwarves one which I was VERY happy about since I really wanted the Mickey one

    I have also made a major change to our itinerary! I have just been REALLY spontaneous (and possibly very naughty!) and booked a one night stay at Universal's Royal Pacific Resort! I am so excited! I think this hotel is gorgeous and I can't wait to use the FOTL access! I just need to add my LoewsFirst number so I can get my beer and nuts

    Now, we are meant to go to Busch Gardens on the 10th - but we may be tired after US/IOA in 2 days so I think I might have to rearrange that to a later date, but it's no big problem to edit the shuttle information.


    The Revised Itinerary - The One with the new hotel
    The Booty - The One with all the tickets
    The Outfits - The One with the PPP Outfits

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    The One With All The Tickets

    Apologies that the photos are a little blurry - I took them with a camera phone.

    These are nearly all the tickets we have so far (the WDW ones aren't there as they are coming with our Vacation tickets)

    Our Universal Tickets! They are 3 Park/5 Day tickets for Universal, Islands of Adventure and Wet'n'Wild. As you know, we are now also staying a night at Universal's Royal Pacific Hotel so we will have FOTL access for 2 of those days - we are so excited and can't wait! It will be so lovely not to have to queue a lot for the rides!

    VERY exciting tickets! These are our DISCOVERY COVE tickets! They are both swimmers plus and we are very much looking forward to swimming with the dolphins as well as to the whole day. They also have 14 day passes to SeaWorld and Busch Gardens I've sorted the Busch Gardens shuttle out for us, and also a few activites in SW as you'll see in a second...

    I've got my Orlando Magicard ready and waiting! Just in case it'll come in handy for some discounts whilst we're on International Drive

    This is my Pirate and Princess Party Ticket! I think I got the cutest of the pair! I love it, and I hope I get to keep it after the party!

    Els' Pirate and Princess Party Ticket - he wanted this one! I think it's really cute the way they're all on Splash Mountain!

    One of our SeaWorld treats We're doing the Makahiki Luau and we're so excited! We've never been to a Luau before so we're really looking forward - I think we'll miss the Shamu night show, but we are planning on going another night so we can catch it then.

    Els' personal favourite He can't wait to do this one! I got him this as a present for his 24th birthday. His birthday is on 26th June, but he doesn't mind waiting a few weeks for it!

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    The One With The Revised Itinerary

    Right, here is our REVISED itinerary! It is revised to fit our Royal Pacific stay in, and we didn't want to do IOA, US and BG consecutively! We are staying from 6th August til the 27th August, 10 nights at the Sheraton Studio City on International Drive, 1 night at Universal's Royal Pacfic Resort and 10 nights at Disney's All Star Movies Resort. I didn't include the Disney Itinerary, as that stays the same from post 7.

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