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Thread: polynesian or the grand floridian

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    Well were back and the polynesian was wonderful but we made the mistake of stopping at the grand floridian to look around and fell in love

    which do you think is better value? I didnt think anything could work out more expensive than the polynesian until I called up rates for the floridian, is it worth the extra?

    if we can stay there is it worth paying more for the main building?

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    Slowhand is a good resource for GF info as he and his wife have stayed there.

    I will say I was a little disappointed in the Poly (particularly since there was no hot tub) so trying the GF would be something I'd like to do.

    My favorite deluxe resort is the Beach Club.

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    Yep the GF is like a second home to my DW and I as we have stayed there oodles of times for several years now.
    Ok I`m obviously a bit biased because of this, but although the Poly gets rave reviews and I know lots of folk who really love the place, however [in my view] compared with the GF it seems a bit dark and oppressive, and a lot noisier...especially around O`Hana`s at dinner time.

    As for paying the extra to stay in the main building at the GF, personally I don`t really think it`s worth it unless you can take full advantage of the Concierge service offered there.

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    I'd stay at the Beach Club if given a choice since they have the bestest pool

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