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Thread: New Disney Store In Time Square

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    Now that the NYC World of Disney Store has closed, there will be a new Disney Store headed to NYC Time Square Fall 2010...

    Disney Store to Unveil Times Square Location in Fall 2010
    January 05, 2010

    The Disney Store retail chain, which is owned and operated in the United States by Disney Store USA LLC, will transform an expansive retail space in the heart of New York's Times Square into a state-of-the-art, interactive retail destination set to open in fall 2010. The lease, signed with Vornado Realty Trust, negotiated by RCS Real Estate Advisors and brokered by SRS Real Estate Partners, secured the location at 1540 Broadway, between 45th and 46th streets. Inspired by Walt Disney's legacy of creativity and innovation, the new Disney Store will celebrate Disney's longstanding history with New York. The new store is going to be where the old Virgin Records store was right in the heart of TImes Square. The new location can expect a lot more tourist "foot traffic" since it is smack in the middle of Times Square in the City. Also, another tidbit from a press release about who is running the store:

    "Unlike the former Fifth Avenue World of Disney store, which was operated by Disney Parks and Resorts, the Times Square Disney Store will be operated by Disney Consumer Products."

    This means that the AP discounts you were able to get before at the WOD stores in WDW and DLR will no longer be availalbe as of this report .

    Looking forward to the opening, its funny because Disney had a store right attached to the New Amsterdam theater (42nd street) when it opened in the late 1990's and closed it a few years later. Sort of back-to-the-future. Look for a late 2010 opening.

    The store will incorporate technologically advanced displays, including an interactive Disney Princess castle to serve as one of many magical centerpieces at the new Times Square location. An all-new children's theater will feature the latest Disney entertainment, classic animation and continue Disney's tradition of storytelling. The newly designed Disney Store will facilitate interactive play and imagination, host children's activities, special events and celebrity appearances. Over the next five years, Disney Store plans to strategically balance its retail portfolio, enter new markets, and transform more than 300 locations across the United States and Europe to feature the new design.

    "Bringing Disney Store to the center of Times Square is a monumental achievement, and we have created a retail experience that complements the energy and innovation that Times Square inspires," said Jim Fielding, president of Disney Stores Worldwide. "We're focused on reinvigorating retail and providing a unique shopping destination to millions of families from all over the world who travel to New York for a magical experience."

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    Great news. My daughter loved the store on 55th street and was disappointed when I told her it was closing. It is where we get our Disney fix between trips to WDW.

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    Great news! I couldn't imagine there not being a Disney store in Mahattan.

    Nice to know that they are going to open another one.

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    Maybe I can convince Jon that I *need* to be there on opening day....purely for research purposes of course :wink:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beccaberry, post: 185628
    Maybe I can convince Jon that I *need* to be there on opening day....purely for research purposes of course :wink:
    do you need an assistant ? I could carry the clipboard .

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