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what a stupid letter to send out anyone would think you have hidden your son away fro the world for months on end !!! honestly schools now are just ridiculous. my ds has cf and has to attend hospital appointments which do tend to run over there appointment time so sometimes he is off school longer than i have anticipated, now i always send a note and ring the school to let them know. last year i recieved a letter saying that the educational welfare officer would be contacting me regarding my sons truancy (now i dont normally swear but gordon ramsey would have been proud of my language that day) suffice to say when said truancy officer called on me he did apologise as did the school after we sent them solicitors letters stating that they where harassing both us and our son also that they where breaking the disability rights act by treating our son like that (we also sent copies to the governors). funnily they havent asked us for "sick notes" again

See? That's what happens when a government (and I know this from first hand experience, with our own) presumes to step in and act as a parent. They can't get it right for everyone, and those like you and your son, for whom they get it wrong, are treated unfairly!

I am so glad that you took the time to put them right back in their proper places. If they are going to dog everyone's footsteps with regard to children attending school then they should have gotten it right for your son.

Take care, dumbo77 and good health to your son.