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Thread: Snowing at Disney world????????

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    I just read that there was a marathon at disneyworld this weekend and it was snowing on the runners???? has it ever snowed in disney before? I cant imagine it

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    Yes, it was and yes, it has.

    Go to MOTM and see my photo. I live about 20 minutes north of WDW.

    Cold is an understatement at this point!

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    Oh my freaking GOD it was so cold!!!! Yes, it snowed on the 1/2 marathoners before dawn Saturday morning. My parents were in the prep area before the race and looked at one of the strobe lights and saw snow falling. Of course it melted on contact with anything, but it snowed. My daylight, it had turned to sleet then rain. A miserable day to be outside. We stayed in the hotel after briefly going to the finish line area.

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    Poor Tink I know how much you like the cold!!!It could be worse, you could live back here!!

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    Sister Tinkfan, I remind myself of that.

    My parents still live there though. Never could get them to come away from the cold and harsh winters. They would like to now, but believe circumstances won't permit.

    Yes, Meeshybee it was/is freaking cold!

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