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Thread: whats the verdict on Kouzzinas?

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    Has anyone tried Kouzzinas yet? Is it any good??

    Was supposed to be the best restaurant at disneyworld according to some early reviews on the internet

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    I think Johnie and Becca have been...

    We were going to go, but didn't get the chance over the holidays.

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    I wouldn't call it the best restaurant by any means. But I truly look forward to going back. Our meal was excellent. My only complaint was that through a fault of my own I didn't read the menu closely. I am quite familiar with Greek food and drink and I ordered a Metaxa after dinner. I was expecting brandy and got Ouzo. I had never heard of Metaxa Ouzo. But when I looked at the menu closely it did indeed say Ouzo. I like Ouzo and drank it but they didn't have the Metaxa Brandy which is what I really wanted.

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    Jim and I had breakfast and it was very good .

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    We went right after it opened this summer. I really enjoyed my meal. I had the pastichio which was very large and rich. We had a bunch of appetizers to share and those were good as well.

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