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Thread: Because WE were there - Post trip report

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    Thursday, 8am - My family came over and we started the caravan to Disney. Woohoo! Stopped for lunch just outside Tallahassee, made it to the hotel for dinner.

    Friday - Spent the day in Magic Kingdom. Road the train with very excited kids. Pics in the Judge's tent with a shy child and uncooperative child. JUST missed Belle's story time. Dragged 2 screaming children off the Dumbo ride, then the Carousel. Terrified a 2 yo in the Philharmagic. Dragged through Fantasyland by 2yo. Relaxed on the Liberty Bell paddleboat. Dragged screaming children off Aladdin's Carpet. Went to dinner and bed. (It really was a fun day. We actually did about everything that our kids could enjoy at MK in a single day. They just didn't want to stop!)

    Saturday - We bundled up the kids the best we could against the 25-30 degree temps and freezing rain (we're Florida folks too) and headed to Epcot at 7:15am to try to catch my parents at the 1/2 Marathon finishline. One bone chilling hour later we figured the would meet us back at the hotel. We stayed inside the rest of the day trying to warm back up.

    Sunday - Considered going to Animal Kingdom for an hour or 2 before we had to leave, but not in the cards. Still VERY cold and windy, but sunny. Had dinner an hour from home and got back just in time for the kids to go to bed. Closely followed by Mommy and Daddy. Nothing like your own bed.

    Overall, it was a good trip. Would have been a lot better if the weather had cooperated, but nothing we could do about that. I do wish we had gone to Animal Kingdom Friday afternoon instead of leaving, but hindsight is always 20/20. I do not regret staying in on Saturday. The kids were miserable for the hour we were out. And I doubt many animals would have been out at AK anyway.

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    It sure was a colllllld weekend!

    You are right about AK. Most of the animals don't come out until it reaches approximately 45 degrees, and it was a long way off from that!

    It's really no fun being out in the cold, is it? We Florida people don't do well when the temperatures head south!

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    Shame it was cold but you made the most of your time at MK ( shame about screaming children but hey ho that's the way it goes sometimes) and you are so right - there's nothing better than snuggling in your own bed


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    Oh that sounds more like english weather!!!!! animal kingdom is useless when its chilly no chance of the animals comeing out, they have more sense!!!

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