I just wanted to pop in and say Goodbye. Have you seen my countdown??

This hasn't been the build-up I'd planned. There are a multitude of things that haven't gone to plan:

After a couple of weeks we have only had our hot water reconnected properly as of this afternoon, so clothes washing and house cleaning is slightly behind (I think that's an understatement ).

The snow of course. 5 weeks of snow here. We have a quarter-mile drive that has proved to be a trauma to get out of. This was lovely over the Christmas hols, but the last 10 days had proved hugely problematic. We've had no post for 10 days, apart from the holiday clothes of mine that Marks and Spencer delivered by placing in our wheelie bin in a blizzard on the day the bin collection was due

The guy who looks after our business while we're away went sledging on Friday and broke his ankle very badly :( He had an op on Sunday, and is due another before we get back. He is soldiering on, bless him (he is a total star), but of course it means things aren't watertight :(

There is more snow forecast for tomorrow. Our housesitter is due to arrive by train tomorrow and trains have been being cancelled in droves. I won't even start to worry about whether our flight to Orlando will be on time.........

I won't bore you with any more. Suffice to say that there is still a heap of packing and sorting to be done

But tomorrow evening (rather than the afternoon we had hoped for), if all goes to plan, we drive the 2 and a half hours to Manchester airport and stay over. Then Thursday morning we hopefully get the 10:30am flight.....

It's been nearly 7 years since I was last there, and I just know when I walk down Main Street on Friday morning I will burst into tears!!!! In a good way of course. And the very next thing we will do is pop into the Barber shop to see if they can cut Mr Debs' hair as he hasn't had a chance to get it done here. He would fit very well into the Muppet Show right now

And we know that when we are there we wll have a wonderful time!

Will miss you