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Thread: Isafari says "Hi" and a few updates

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    I had a text from Diane today asking me to send her love to all at Secrets

    I've spoken to her a couple of times and had some texts, so I thought I'd better let everyone else in on the news .................. she's due home soon and will me for not telling you all

    Dorothy has told you all about the manatees, boy was she an excited person I don't know what it is about our Diane and animals but they seem to love her

    On one of the days at Seaworld they did a photo and show tour which included Dine with Shamu, it was pouring with rain but she said they were having fun. Diane was really disappointed with Dine with Shamu though, she said it was a "complete waste of space" We did it a few years back and thought it was pretty poor then it doesn't sound like it's got much better.

    It's been really cold over there, she's had to buy a Mickey jumper just to keep herself warm She said it's been freezing, they've been wearing up to 5 layers some days just to keep themselves warm.

    I had a phone call from her and all I heard down the phone was some mad women screaming at me what she said was "I've just done the tiger tug of war" She had to repeat it though, I couldn't understand a word - it must be that strange accent she gets when she's excited :wink:

    On the day they went to Busch, they were supposed to be doing the orangutan experience, but because it was so cold they were told it had been cancelled. In exchange they were told they could re-book or they could do a behind the scenes with the tigers instead. I'm guessing she thought about that for all of a second She said it was brilliant, they did behaviourial things with them and fed them! I somehow think the highlight was the tug of war though. She will have lots of photos as well as the BG staff were taking photos for them.

    So that's about it for now, I will be speaking to her on Thursday or Friday, not sure which yet, and I will say "Hi" from you all

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    Awwwww so glad they're having a great time
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    I am jealous. She always gets her way with those animals.

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    I missed her call.

    Good to see you Wendy! We've been hoping you were doing ok. I hope you received our emails?

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    had a couple of texts too sounds like she has had an amazing holiday

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