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Thread: swimming/feeding Dolphins

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    We have just come back from Disney and went to Discovery Cove on the 9th Jan. It was cold but was the best day. Myself and my daughter swam with the Dolphins which was amazing a once in a lifetime experience. Other family members didn't want to swim with the dolphins so at Seaworld you can pay $7 to feed the dolphins which again was fantastic and that made their day:smile: really recommend DC (plus the lunch was really yummy)

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    oh wow we SO need to hear more, any photos?? It sounds brill and I didnt realise that you didnt HAVE to do the swim
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    Will Definately post some pics but it was amazing, it was good that if you don't want to swim with the dolphins you don't have to (so others can take pics:smile you do still have to pay to use the park but it included seaworld and it was almost the cost of entrance to seaworld so was definately a bargin. Those that don't swim still do everything else like swimming with the rays and tropical fish and the free food and drink.

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    That is really good to know. Some folks simply don't like the water for any number of reasons, but would still enjoy being in the park.

    I'm glad you didn't let the miserable weather stop you from enjoying the day!

    Looking forward to photos! :9:

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    Definately some people don't like that water I must admit I am not a big fan but really wanted to have the experience with my daughter and it was fine, they give you a choice to swim with the dolphin in the shallow end or in the deep end.

    Also I have to mention the bird sanctuary (feeding the birds) that was really good as well. I recommend making it the first thing you do because the birds are a lot more hungry in the morning, it was really good fun.

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    awww it sounds wonderful, i didn't realise that you didn't have to swim either. if i ever got the chance to go again i'd be one of those who were watching!

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    When we were there in November because our daughter was too young to swim with the dolphins I sat with her on the side and took the photos of my wife and son.
    At the end when they seperate the group to take individual family photos we were allowed to get in the water and have our photo taken with the dolphin and as we were the last family the trainer even got her to do some tricks for us and allowed our daughter to rub her belly etc. This was perfect for our daughter as she got to spend a few minutes close up but we didn't have to pay the premium entry price.

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    i love dolphins and would luv to do the swim, but just being in a pool last trip there is no way i could do the swim with them now

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