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Thread: Anyone been to Kenya?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn, post: 188182
    Yeah you're right. I'm just a paranoid parent. And Egypt is on the Red Sea.

    Bit of snorkelling would be in order there methinks.

    *adds Egypt back to "possibles" list*

    I just don't want to take Steven to a "Costa" resort to sit by the pool for a week. If we go somewhere I want him to learn about where we are, see it, eat the food, even try a bit of the language. For some reason I have Denmark on my list of must-visit places.
    I`m sure that you and Steven would love the various historic sights in Egypt Dawn, so long as you can turn a blind eye to all the poverty etc. which is quite a culture shock when you first witness it.

    Oddly enough I`ve never been to any of the Scandinavian countries, however that will be put right later this year as the DCL cruise will visit Denmark and Sweden as part of the cruise.
    [That reminds me, I`d better start sorting out a mortgage in case I fancy a beer there! ]

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    lauren went to egypt last year and loved it, pix look awesome, she didnt go to sharme tho, it was a bit south of luv to see the

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    What about places that used to be behind the "Iron Curtain?" I have a couple of people I know who have visited countries there and had a grand time!

    Food was really nice, people were very friendly, prices reasonable, and depending on when you go, of course, the weather was pretty decent too.

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    *cough* Hong Kong *cough*
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    Greece is awesome Dawn, Not touristy, phenomenal history and not crazy money.

    Scary driving though

    Italy - ditto plus lovely grub

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh.p., post: 188234
    *cough* Hong Kong *cough*

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    Grub? Grub? You call the CUISINE of Italy GRUB????

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    OK Nop nosh then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn, post: 188178
    Yeah but there was that whole terrorist attack on tourists at the pyramids a while back. I remember things like that.

    I agree Dawn we took the boys to Egypt when they were 10 and 6. They had an amazing time especially in Ciro. It is one of the most fascinating places I have ever been to both the ancient and modern aspects. However 4 days after we returned there was a terrorist attack in a tourist market area where I think 6 people died. When it was shown on the news it was next to a shop that we had spent ages browsing in only four days before. I had quite a few sleepless nights after that. Although on saying that we were on holiday in London 2 days after the tube bombings so really terrorism can happen anywhere in the world. I do understand your anxiety though.

    Regarding Kenya, my FIL holidayed there with his wife for many years. They just loved the place but he said that their last visit after the riots just wasn't the same. There were security issues both inside and without the hotel complex. He said the poverty was much worse and that the police had lost some of their authority and they were losing their control over the gang culture. He said that that it wasn't so much the robberies that they feared but the violent crimes that were taking place within the hotel grounds and on the hotel's private beach. They have not returned. They now holiday in the south of Egypt and just love it. They are both keen snorkelers and apparently the coral and visibility is fab.

    My 14 year old is off to Tanzania this year and I must say I'm a little jealous, I would love to go on a proper Safari.

    For a cheaper holiday we love Cyprus, we don't do the beach/pool thing very well. We hire a jeep and head up the mountains. There is the tomb of the kings, The ancient mosaics. The amphitheater with all the ruins of the Roman baths Ect... It's not as cheap now they have the Euro though.

    We have also had fab cheap holidays in Amsterdam Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank house. Germany is beautiful in the south The black forest with it's stunning Castles. Edinburgh is one of our favorite places to go too. Camera obscura is ace fun lol Oh! I can go on and on.

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    Scrap Egypt - apparently you need injections to visit there and no way will Steven visit the "needle nurse" just for a holiday. That rules Kenya out too.

    Hong Kong too far away.

    Greece possible. Italy expensive. Portugal definitely possible as aunt lives there.

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