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Thread: The Next Adventure Begins - A Pre-Trip Report

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    That all sounds amazing - can't wait for this trip report


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    I dread how long it'll take me to write this one

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    Memories & Getting Ready for WDW: Photo Spree!

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    Great pics Hayley.

    I have the coin set too!

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    I thought it about time we have more pics in this thing

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    Daily Disney Character Countdown - Day 34!

    Q: This character has pink stripes, and often disappears, leaving only his grin behind.

    Now this one nearly stumped Els. He thought it was Bagpuss to start

    It was of course:

    The Cheshire Cat!

    The Cheshire Cat says: 34 DAYS TO GO!!!

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    Say Cheese!

    I've just ordered, well pre-purchased the Disney Photopass CD

    We pre-ordered last year as well, great bargain. You get 20% off which makes it $99 and delivery is free to the UK.

    I'm hoping to book the Photoshoot at the Grand Floridian as well, but am I right in thinking you can only book that 30 days in advance?

    I also need to book DME as soon as poss!

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