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Thread: So.... We're going to Kenya then

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    Oh gosh. That is so wonderful! We've wanted to go forever. Herself was talking about it over the weekend. We fear aging.

    Have an absolutely wonderful time! It's so great that you can bring things to the orphanage!!!

    We'll need all sorts of photos, ok? Loads, and loads, and loads!!!!

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    It's a deal. haven't been this excited for years.

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    Hope you have a great time, look forward to those pics X

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    That's why we need to make sure he has the right lenses! Lol

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    Fantastic news.

    I'm not sure how close you are to a local town or if you are planning to go on many excursions, and you will probably know this already but there is a huge shortage of school supplies, things like pens, pencils, crayons and note books. Most hotels will encourage you to go on excursions to the local schools in the area. It might be worth taking some supplies for you and your boys to hand out to the local children.

    Liam has received a list of things to pack as gifts for the school he will be attending in Tanzania. He was shocked last year when the exchange student who came here didn't have shoelaces for his shoes. We made him up a little care pack for him to take home with him. It was very strange for my two to see this boy cry with joy over such simple things as a cheap Asda Geometry math set, socks, water colour paints, a pencil case and the likes.

    We did it in Egypt too. Our guide told us that the children who try to sell you stuff are working for bigger adult gangs and don't get a share in the money, but they can't go to school as they need their own pencil and note book to attend. If they don't have these they can't attend so it's better for them to be given a pencil rather than money.
    My FIL also used to give his socks to the beach sellers in Kenya before he came home. What I mean is he would buy cheap socks to wear on holiday and then wash and give them to the beach sellers at the end of his trip.

    LOL listen to me going on, I hope you all have a fab time and get lots of fab photos to share with us.:biggrin: I would love! Love! Love! to do a real safari. Oh! and the food will be fab. I take it it's an all inclusive hotel? Have you checked it out on tripadvisor yet to see if their food is authentic? You will now be able to tell if Boma and Jiko serve the real thing and are authentic to the origins of real African flavours. Heeheeheehee! Boma mmmmmmmmm *drools*:biggrin:

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    We are definitely going to take a load of school supplies

    No way I can afford a 2000 pound lens Brit - maybe you or keith could loan them though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 188926
    We are definitely going to take a load of school supplies

    No way I can afford a 2000 pound lens Brit - maybe you or keith could loan them though

    neither can i! i can dream though

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    This sounds amazing! What a fabulous experience for all of you!

    I am very jealous!

    You will wave when you get to my hemisphere won't you!
    Next trip - Bali! (March 2015)

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    PICS PICS PICS PICS PICS I'm *so* excited for you, this is mine and my Mum's dream. We are both going to live it through your pics so you best get a good camera
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    I'm delighted for you all . There is now no excuse for the "harambe" trousers to be worn.

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