Wednesday 3rd December

What is a hydrolator anyway?

Steven slept right through to 6am this morning – hoorah! We were up and about and just about ready to head down for breakfast when we heard Harry crying outside our door at about 6.50am. We opened the door to find him standing there while everyone else was headed toward the lift. Turns out he thought they were going to breakfast without us and wanted to knock on our door. Actually they were going to breakfast without us but that was the plan each morning unless we arranged to meet. We usually just said be ready to go at 8.15am or whenever; sometimes we managed breakfast together, and sometimes we didn’t. Anyway as we were ready we joined Harry and the rest for breakfast downstairs where Steven partook of another banana. Luckily he likes bananas. Actually he loves bananas and usually has one every day at home and let’s face it, bananas are the ultimate in portable nutrition so we had no qualms about feeding him so many of them.

After breakfast we wandered into the resort gift shop as we had been given these vouchers at check-in for pins or something. We weren’t actually sure what it was for as we were all so tired at check-in that we didn’t really take in what was said to us so we just went into the gift shop and handed over the vouchers. Apparently it’s to do with the Dream Maker Package: each room got 2 lanyards and 2 pins for trading. Trading? Ours are still in the packaging; I can’t bring myself to trade, nor did any of the others.:gy:

So today is Epcot day and after a short drive we are parked in the lot and walking to the entrance. It turns out to be Extra Magic Hour day so when we arrived at 8.30am we could walk straight in. For the record we didn’t take any notice of EMH days, the crowds were so light we didn’t need to, it was just coincidence we did Epcot on an EMH day. It’s through the bag check, through the turnstiles, and over to stroller rental. Big Steve and Lisa have decided to rent a double stroller today as there will be a lot of walking and even though Ellie manages remarkably well on her little legs, today might just be a bit too much.

They get their stroller, load their children into it, strap them in, and walk about 20 feet to Spaceship Earth where they all have to get out again as there’s no way the stroller will go up that narrow ramp. All of us ride Spaceship Earth and Harry gives it a rating of, “a bit gairy.” We play for a while in the playing area thing afterwards. In fact we would have played in there all day if Ellie had got her way. We manage to prise her out of there with promises of more playing opportunities elsewhere. We exit on the wrong side and have a bit of a hike back to where the buggies are parked, and then it’s the obligatory restroom stop before heading for The Living Seas.

We narrowly miss the character caravan, arriving just as they were climbing back on their bus, but we gave them a cheery wave anyway and continued on to The Living Seas. As they’ve got rid of the little ride in here you have the choice of flim and fish, or straight to the fish. We opt for the “straight to the fish” option and board our hydrolator, which Harry rates, “not too gairy.” When you exit here you are turned out into a corridor that leads you into the gift shop area before you’ve even come close to seeing a fish. Steven stopped for a milk break and a game with a CM before joining the rest of the gang playing with the diving suits before moving on to the big aquarium.

Are all small children fascinated by fish? Steven was nose to glass again as soon as he caught sight of the fish. We were lucky enough to be there for a feeding session so we spent a long time in here watching the divers feeding the various inhabitants. Steven loved it: he was crawling around watching all the different things going on in the tank. I think we could have left him there all day and he wouldn’t have noticed. Maybe he’s going to be a marine biologist.

From here we bypass The Land as we are lunching in there later and head for the Imagination Pavilion. No wait for the new Imagination ride so we all get straight on board. No gairy rating from Harry on this one, but Steven fell asleep on it so I guess you could say it’s not gairy at all. It was definitely an improvement on the last incarnation, but still not the same without Dreamfinder. At least there wasn’t all that “stare at the lines of infinite whatever” nonsense, and there was a lot more Figment, which can only be a good thing.

As promised to Ellie earlier there are playing opportunities a many to be had in the Image Works area after the ride and we spent a fair while here having fun. Steven slept through most of it though so he missed the joys of jumping on noisy squares and making crazy pictures of ourselves. He did acquire a Figment on the way out of the gift shop though.