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Thread: Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to Disney World - Summer 2010

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    I think the last time I saw MSEP was while at Disneyland in 2005 & it had changed names to ELP. It was at California Adventure.

    I love them both but I think I may actually be partial to Spectromagic simply because it's the one I saw first which I think always gives things a special place. Also, not sure how anyone would know this, but it seems to me MSEP is a bit shorter of a parade than Spectro. At least I remember when seeing it in Cali thinking 'wow, what a short parade!'.

    Someone said they are looking for the music. Try ebay maybe. I have one (er, maybe had as it may have been one from the fire I couldn't salvage) & I'm not sure but think that's where I got mine.
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