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Thread: movies at resorts

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    We havent been back for awhile but in a holiday brochure we have it says you can watch Dizney movies on a large screen from the pool at some resorts. I've never seen that before, do you know what resort they mean?

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    yeah I know what you mean, there's a name for it I think, something like Movies under the stars.

    I THINK I've seen it on the beach by the beach club/yacht club but the advert I saw for it was at the wilderness lodge it looked (which I've NEVER seen it at in real life) but then it's been a while since I've been there so perhaps it's a new thing.

    Hmmm hope someone knows for sure because it sounds like a relaxing way to spend the evening
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    I have seen it at the beach near yacht/beach club resorts. I also saw the screen at the Music. It's nice and large.

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    I think it is Wilderness Lodge and also Fort Wilderness...

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