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Thread: NEW first edition Disney Dooney and Bourke Medium Sketch Tote CHEAP!!

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    Hi everyone.

    the medium sketch tote I had listed is no longer available, I won 2 but the secong seller was nice enough to let me back out - I think she will be relisting it on ebay. I do, however, have tons of information on the bag, the differences between the 1st edition and 2nd, and what pricing has been. If anyone needs help purchasing one off ebay, I'd be glad to help in any way I can! Sorry for the miscommunication, everyone...and good luck!

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    Hi Jackie. I wonder if you really want to post your cell phone number? We have all sort of "bots" and "spiders" that read the data on the boards and picking up your cell number is probably not the best idea?

    You can direct people to send you a PM, and then provide the individual with your number. That would be safer.

    You may want to consider removing your cell number from each thread where you have posted it, for your own privacy.

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    Thanks Tink...I'm new to forums, etc and had no idea....I have since removed it!


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    Is the bag still available? I was hoping to get some pictures of it. I am looking for the medium white sketch tote!


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    How are you this evening? I am interested in the purse you have listed. I posted several weeks ago looking to buy a purse! Could you send pictures please?


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    Barbara, jennifer - I'm sorry, I can't PM yet but the second seller on ebay has graciously let me back out of my ebay excited extra purchase. (My DH is happy too)

    I have in the process learned TONS about the bags, the 1st and 2nd editions, and also pricing info. I can also help you find a reliable seller on ebay if you are not familiar.

    Just PM me with info like an email addy or a phone # and I will be happy to help.

    I DO so love my bag - hope you find a way to one for yourselves - mine brings me joy with each glance!


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    Thanks. Atleast the seller was nice enough to let you back out! My DH wis not happy that I want to buy one bag! I am headed to WDW in Nov and I am hoping they still have the med white sketch.*fingers crossed*

    thanks again!

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    Yes, it was interesting when I realized I had won TWO. I was petrified but my DH knew I could probably sell it since the price was good ($170) ..We are going down there in June and staying at AKV, let me know if you'd like for me to pick one up for you, or help you before then. I haven't heard anything solid about a discontinuation of the sketch print (that would be so sad in MY opinion) but yes, we'll keep our fingers crossed!


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    I wish someone would post a photo so us males could have a clue what these things look like
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    thanks to johnie (and her mum) i own one

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