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Thread: spooky haunted mansion painting

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    One i'd never seen before because it's on a completely dark wall! why I dont know!

    right at the very end of the ballroom sequence: The wall on the far left of your doombuggy, where you turn to head into the Attic. You may be too busy watching the organist below you, but if you just turn to your left, this woman is staring at you the whole time, from the complete and utter blackness of the wall.
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    Ooooh, creepy!

    Nice photo though! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    I don't remember seeing it. Thanks for sharing. Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride.

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    HM is my favourite ride too
    Can't remember seeing this painting though....will watch out for it next time

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    Nice cat. Thanks for the tip, I haven't seen that either.

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