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Thread: Neat camera bag please (+tripod suggestions)

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    If I add up the Florida trips
    The expenses
    The camera expenses

    Its all going to come to quite a lot I should imagine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 194172

    this place is great at spending my money
    i, however, am able to resist..............................

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    Not for long

    When I first converted I used parallels a lot and still booted in XP

    I have only used XP twice in the last 6 months and that was to run capture software for my astro camera that the chap wont do a mac version for (despite me writing to him weekly ) - I am now a 100% mac fan - to the point I actually want to punch my useless windows machine at work.


    Macro lens suggestions?

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    I hate IE 8, keeps crashing. Made safari default on new computer when Jon was away- not happy and changed it back!! LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 194228
    Macro lens suggestions?
    cheap, medium or mortgage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 194228
    Macro lens suggestions?
    Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro

    Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

    I have the former which has always been sensational however I now have the latter which is twice the price but better (of course :/ ) so I may be ebaying the first one.

    Either is stunning though. I PERSONALLY like 100mm for macro as it means you dont need to be right on top of the subject like you do with shorter ones
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    I think if we added up this forum's costs and the cameras alone for the last 12 months, we could buy enough stocks in apple for us all to live off
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