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    Hey everyone! I haven't been around lately, I had surgery on my arm about 2 weeks ago but I am finally out of my large splint so I can finally use my computer a lot more now lol While I was recovering I had time to contact our timeshare and book our week in September for Disney! I am so excited and so are the girls! We have decided that for the next 6 months Mickey and his friends will send each girl something useful for their trip to Disney. I always think I know what I'll send them but if anyone has any thought or ideas please let me hear them! Abby will be 4 and Adalyn will be just shy of 2 during our stay. I have also decided that I will be making them each a custom autograph book with scrapbooking pages. I better start designing them now lol

    Also this momma is asking for ideas, thoughts and suggestions for a Tinkerbell birthday party for Abby. We are transforming our backyard into Pixie Hollow and I am already drawing out large trees,flowers and mushrooms but I would love more input. Like food suggestions to go with the "theme", games or activities...anything! My biggest road block has been making this party enjoyable for both the little girls and the little guys lol Do you think 3 and 4 year old boys are going to mind wearing wings? They wont be very girly...I would make them more boyish...but I just dont know lol So you can get the jest of my dilemma...I hope lol
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    Wow! You have a lot going on! Good to hear you've recovered from the surgery.

    Little boys... there are boy/male characters in the Tink and Fairy Friends books. Maybe make the boys wings less sparkly?

    Food? Ummm... berries? LOL. That's all I can really think of . Maybe sugar cookies cut out to be wings? Little sandwiches cut into shapes that support the theme? I'm not too good with planning for children's parties, I'm afraid. :(

    You'll be down during the food and wine festival, depending upon your dates.

    Things to send them that are useful? Sunglasses, ponchos, little sunblock containers that clip on their bags, little backpacks or other carrying bags (waist bags might be too much for the little one). Mickey themed socks or other clothing?

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    Good to hear you're well on your way to recovery now

    Fat pens....the characters can't hold the regular pens for autographs. Sun hats.

    Sounds like you have one fantastic party ahead!
    Pixie Hollow male characters.....
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