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    hi everyone, i wonder if you would be so kind as to share your knowledge with me, my partner has 2 girls who have not yet been abroad, this year we have decided for xmas to get a disney holiday, and put it all in a box, a book a few dollars, t shirt etc as their pressies! i have been to disney before but stayed off site in a hotel in kissamee, now heres where i need the knowledge, my partner isn't a massive fan of this type of holiday but wants to do it for me and his girls, so we have a budget of 2500-3000 for flights and accom, we have us 2 and the girls will be 17 and 15 so adults too i guess, i want 2 weeks july-sept sometime 2011 but no idea where will be best to stay, i would prefer we are not all in the same room as they are older and we will want some space, ahh advice please otherwise i will just go on!!

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    Hi and welcome to Secrets

    Have you looked at the All Stars Music resort with the family suites which would give you so privacy from the girls. Also you might want to consider the cabins at Fort Wilderness

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    hi, we booked everything through a brochure, probably not the cheepest way but as it is our first time [2 adults ans 2 children age 11 & 8] i thought it was best, we fly from manchester,uk this year. i know friends book everything themselves and get better deals. maybe we will be braver to do that next time? where will you fly from? i think that will make a huge difference as well as school holiday time.

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    I think you could do it for flights and accommodation at that price but you're tickets would probably be extra. Where would you like to stay?

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    looking at birmingham but could do london aswell, i have had a look at double tree guest suites in walt disney and the caribe royale resort too, they both do transport to downtown in the evening and shuttles in if needed, i do like the idea of being right there but not in the centre of the magic all the time too

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    i am looking at the double tree suites for part of my holiday, the one in lake buena vista is new i think, it's a hilton brand so should be good. Lake Buena vista is a great location i think.

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    Welcome to Secrets! Not sure what the equivelent is in American money but free dining may be offered again in late August -October, so 2 adjoining rooms in a value(Pop Century maybe) may work out good. That way you would have the majority of your meals paid for and wouldn't be out of pocket money if you ate off site too!!

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    Hi there!

    Welcome to Secrets!!!

    first, if you are flexible on your travel date, go during the value season, which I believe start in September, that way the accomodations will be cheaper.

    Now, Disney offers a few alternatives, you could have two rooms at any given resort, but there is no guarantee that they would be next to each other.... you could also get a villa or a studio.... and these can be either 1 or 2 bedrooms and come with a kitchen (so you can save a lot in meals)

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