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Thread: Trainer killed at Seaworld, Orlando

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    It absolutely does.

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    You have to remember that although they're trained they are still wild animals.

    We are over here at the moment and there are lots of reports flying around and some of the supposed "eyewitnesses" seem to change their stories from channel to channel. The one woman who said she witnessed it with her 5 year old kid her story was different on this mornings news.

    It's very sad but the trainers all know the risks.

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    Very True Lisa !

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    SeaWorld Orlando show tribute to Dawn.......


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    thanks for sharing Diane

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    Local news had a report of the crowd chanting that they wanted to see the whales, so the show is back on.

    The tribute to Dawn is incredibly moving fora ll who see it (in person in particular). PETA is of course picketing but it's not much of a showing.

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    Thanks for sharing, Isafari ! I shed some tears .

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    I bet there wasn`t a dry eye in the house for that show.
    It was also great to see the crowd just standing there and applauding after the show instead of making the usual mad dash to exit...very moving.

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    How moving.
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    very touching

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