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Thread: My pre-trippie

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    So now mum has definately booked the car and some dollars are on the way, the villa balance has been sent. Astons passport form has been sent with 2 copies of 2 different pics in the hope that one of them will be Ok for the passport.(do you realise how hard it is to take a pic of a 9 and a half month old for a passport??:ermOne of my friends (if she can be called that, we dont seem to get on) Is going on hol soon and keeps trying to show off to me, but with the chance of sounding a tad childish: I dont care coz im going to Florida so there:pgig: I have a feeling that I am doing everyones head in talking about Florida, my boss has told me to shut up on numerous occasions now(RUDE:d And my best friend who has come back from her florida/new york trip a few weeks ago keeps saying how jelous she is, although i was jelous when she went so it is her turn. I went to an Ann Summers party last night and spent the hole time talking Disney to anyone who would listen(or even anyone who wouldnt), Disney and Ann Summers doesnt exactly mix!! :pgig: Hopefully me and mum will be going to Staples on Friday to print some of the things i got off and will post pics. Speak soon. xxx

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    So me and mum went to sainsburys the other day and it was 25% off all clothes, who are we to miss a bargain like that?? We bought a pair of joggers each, mum in army green and me in black and aston 2 pairs of joggers, navy blue and pale blue. So we have our bottoms sorted for the journey as joggers will be a lot more comfy than wearing jeans, is that sad that we have planned our outfits for the journey?? Oh well. Tomorrow i am hoping that we will be going to staples to print of a load of our invitations etc. Fingers crossed i will be able to post pics of them aswell. xx

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    So today has been a very busy day, WE WENT TO STAPLES TO GET OUR STUFF PRINTED!!!! Woo hoo :pgig::thumbs-up So as requested by Claire here are some pics.These will be put through the letter box each morning for when the kids wake up in the morning, there are 2 for each morning, basically saying have a good day. These Are all for their welcome packs.

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    And these Are our invitations for our ADR's, how exciting!! xx

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    Now mum has booked the park tickets. I have been looking through all mine and Astons things for Florida and all we need is a sleeping bag for Aston and some new PJs for me. Then just to book Photopass closer to the time and thats it. Mum phoned continental the other day and we found out I acn take Astons car seat and pushchair, also Aston gets a allowance for 1 suitcase so between us we can take 3 so i will be taking 1 inside the other on the way there and if we need extra for all of our stuff i can buy a holdall while we are there. 7 WEEKS TODAY!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow!!! Those cards and invites are just amazing! How in the world did you put those together??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shellyamc, post: 42194
    Wow!!! Those cards and invites are just amazing! How in the world did you put those together??
    I got the designs of another site and the lovely people who designed them for me personalised them aswel, they are all a big secret from the kids.

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    I had a few more presents to get Elizabeth and Aston (well 1 for Elizabeth and 3 for Aston) for there flight so went to Matalan and seen some Disney books 5 for 2 so decided to get 1 for Elizabeth, 1 for Aston and 1 each for the triplets. Also got Aston these from Asda. So thats done now, 9 presents each to keep them occupied on the plane. So we wrapped Elizabeths ready And Astons We are training Elizabeth to do her fair share of carrying Aston round the parks But then again he is almost as big as her so not sure if that will work out, lol. xx

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    So all in all we are getting very close to our holiday and things are falling nicely into place, ONLY 4 WEEKS AND 1 DAY TO GO!!!!!!!! :spin: Astons passport came through, quicker than expected which was a bonus! :smile: Got some dollars!!!! And my best friend gave me all the dollars she had left from her holiday to Florida, 6 whole dollars all for me!!!! :pgig: Got our villa itinerary And most importantly our tickets!!!! Our disney ones are getting delivered to our villa while we are there.
    I also have found some of our old pics from Florida 5 years ago!!! My brother and sister riding 'one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish' (try saying that when your drunk!! :pgig: ) Elizabeth making a funny face.

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    Me and Elizabeth waiting for a ride. Mum flirting with some sexy sailors!! :pgig: All of us minus the triplets and Aston with the main man (mouse) himself!!

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