There is 6 of us flying from England, which includes my:
Dad, Paul- 50 something:d:, this will be his 3rd trip to Florida.
Mum, Kerry-Nearly 50 something:pgig:, this will be her 3rd trip to Florida.
Lil bruv, Sam- 19 going on 6? This will be his 3rd trip to Florida.
Lil sis, Elizabeth- 7 going on 16? This will be her 2nd trip to Florida.
Son, Aston- 8.5 months at the mo but will be 1 while in Florida:spin:, this will be his 1st trip to Florida.
And me, Laura- 21 the age i will stay forever (although I have been wishing that at the ages 16,17,18,19 and 20). This will be my 3rd trip to Florida

We are flying on the 21st of October from Bristol airport to New York, New York then onto Orlando, Should arrive at Florida 8-8.30pm all going well :thumbs-up then off in search of our villa.

We "DON'T DO PLANNING!" (as my dad would say) so we have no itinerary. A lot of you will probably find this scary as I have seen from various trip reports that many (if not most) people do plan, but the not planning way works for us as we find part of the fun is deciding what to do the day before or even that morning. The only plans we have made is ADR's which include:
Dinner at Crystal Palace
Dinner at Akershus
And we are hoping to have breakfast with Cat in the Hat, Spiderman and Thing 1&2.
The only other plans we have are to meet my mums cousin Claire and her mob, which we have had to plan as you all probably know Claire is the opposite to us and is a hyper planner :pgig:.

3 days after we arrive we have another party of 5 joining us which include my:
Uncle, Keith- age ?? (but he's young at heart:pgig. This will be his 2nd trip to Florida.
Auntie, Angie- age??. This will be her 2nd trip to Florida.
Triplet Cousins- 4 (i think) Allison, Luke and Blake. This will be there 1st trip to Florida.

I better explain that this part of our clan live in Indianapolis, USA. We all met in Florida (with Aston and the triplets obviously not being born then) at christmas, my Auntie and Uncle were then trying for a baby. Not long after we got back from Florida we had a phone call explaining that they were not only expecting A baby but 3 all at once!! :spin:

So thats it all about us.

The only other thing that I actually have been planning is doing my sister and son a pack for on the plane to keep them entertained which include: Toys, books, colouring in things, card making kit, tinkerbell flask, winnie the pooh cup, masks etc. And a welcome pack for when they get there which will include, disney towel, disney wash mit, disney pjs, welcome cards from the mouse/princesses a personalised disney t-shirt and whatever else I can think of.

I am also printing a little card for each morning to put out for the kids that say 'have a good day' or something along them lines and signed by different characters.

Also for each character meal the kids are going to each have a personolised invitation and a personolised t-shirt to get the characters to sign so they have nice keepsakes at the end of the trip.

Thankyou for reading.

Hopefully when i get chance I will post some pics and keep you updated with what I find.

Laura xx