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We've been! We went this spring. It was a nice experience.

We really enjoyed the Disneyland Hotel. We LOVED the Tinkerbell border! The suite that we had was perfect for us. Our relatives (Dad and two girls) had one bedroom with two queens, tv, and bath and our side had a small kitchen (no microwave ) lovely size living room with large tv and dvd player, half bath, master suite with full bath. There were three balconies, one of which had chairs and a table.

The parks were nice, and very different in many ways from WDW. We didn't do some things that I wanted, but that is just a reason to return!

They were testing the new monorails when we were there. Man, are those things jazzy looking and seemingly fast!

We enjoyed walking through DTD to get to the parks. One day we took the monorail, the other day we walked.

We explored the Grand Californian and were surprised to discover we didn't much care for it. It's dark, and somewhat gloomy. The interior was confusing and the layout strange. I'm sure many folks really like it, but we wouldn't be quick to stay there. We never got over to the other resort, The Pier. It looked like fun though!

There was construction going on when we were there, and that made for some confusion on trying to get to the check in lobby.

Ooops. Gotta run. Will add more later!

There's a really weird staircase that ends abruptly in the GC. Almost as if it should be in the Haunted Mansion!