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Thread: Rings exchange ideas

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    My partner and I brought our wedding ring 4 years ago from Florida Mall. I have since lost weight and now the wedding ring is too big.

    We are flying out to Florida this Sept to buy new one (any excuse to go!) I am wondering if you know of any nicest place to exchange our rings (not renew our wedding vows) just nice moment where we can exchange our rings.


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    sorry can't help but can you get them resized?

    Welcome to secrets by the way!

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    Well, if you mean exchange with each other...

    EPCOT is gearing up for the Flower and Garden Show. There are many lovely areas now. Check the rose path between Future World and the World Showcase, that might be gorgeous right now.

    Or in the World Showcase, how about the little area in Japan that is always so pretty... between the large temple and the Yaki Tori House (there is a little path and a tiny bridge)...

    France has some nice areas too, to the extreme right along the railing might be pretty with the flower banks as a back drop.

    Morocco is a bit exotic, eh? There are several areas actually inside their buildings that might be nice.

    Almost any pathway in DAK would be great! How about a secluded nook along the pathway of the Tree of Life?

    Not hugely familiar with the other two parks...

    There are also beautiful areas on the resorts grounds. Are you staying at a WDW resort?

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