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Thread: Whats the best Disney hotel you've stayed at?

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    Hiya - whats the very best disney hotel you've ever been at and why did you like it so much?

    we loved the beach club because of the feeling and the closeness to epcot but will try something new next time

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    For me it has to be the GF.
    My DW and I stayed there for the first time a year or so after it opened and immediately fell in love with the place.
    Since then we have stayed there many times and even though we now own a villa, we use some of our DVC points to fund a few nights of luxury each time we visit WDW.
    Some folks [mainly those who have never stayed there!] consider the GF to be a bit "stuffy", however it is far from it IMHO.
    We have now become friends with several of the CM`s who work at the GF and it`s great when they remember our names when we visit which really makes us feel at home.
    Apart from my obvious bias, the GF is also in a great location and is only a short monorail [or boat] ride from the MK.

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    GF for me to had the best room in the place for our wedding night we had a suite overlooking MK and when we returned to look around GF in november we were just so in love with the place it just seems to ouse magic and disney

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    Well, for us it depends! (But you KNEW I'd say that).

    We LOVE the Beach Club for the resort experience (not DVC side). We love the location, the staff, and of course the pool area.

    We also love OKW for the exteme laid back feel; the resort as a destination sort of thing, and the ease of moving in and out of there without having to haul our luggage for miles through parking lots and hallways.

    We LOVE the new Kidani Village at AKL too! We really like the pool area there, and are returning in April, solely to bring our "little guy" as we know he'll love that pool. Having the animals so easily on view is a plus too. The decor of the DVC villas is just great and loads of fun.

    So, those are our favorites!

    We did enjoy our stay at Wilderness Lodge, and really like the location and the theme there too.

    We didn't care so much for the Polynesian. We really missed the hot tub. Sounds silly I know, but we like to swim, then soak a bit in a hot tub, and not having it just kind of detracted from the overall experience. I am an unbelieveably light sleeper and the 6:00 am Hawaiian themed music that is piped in (not noticed by most!) woke me every day. I found the setting to be old and a bit shabby too.

    We don't like the Boardwalk Inn/Villa at all. Many, many people do though, so keep that in mind. Disney really does have a resort to suit everyone. Our objections to that resort are the consistently poor experiences with staff (calling, calling, calling the day of check out to see if we were gone yet, even after we were assured this practice had stopped, horrible treatment by the gate guard who couldn't understand what we were trying to tell him {others in our party were arriving later} and as a result we had a mess at check-in, loooooooooooong hauls for our possessions from car to room. One time they put us in the furthest room/villa from the lobby. When we finally schlepped there {had the little guy in a stroller that time} we found the key cards didn't work, noise coming off the boardwalk waking us, etc...etc... ). So, you see it's not for us!

    We are looking forward to trying Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary resort. That area doesn't necessarily appeal to us as MK isnot our favorite park (EPCOT is) but we love trying new places, so are hoping to stay there soon.

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    I Love the Beach Club . The atmosphere, Stormalong Bay and the close proxmity to Epcot and DHS .

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    I love the Wilderness Lodge! If I could design a house, it would look just like that!

    However, I enjoyed the location of the Dolphin, it was by far not my favorite hotel, but I love Epcot. Can't beat the now I just need to figure out how to move the WL to the Epcot area.

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    Oh I love so many of them

    I can't say which is my favourite because they're all so different but I suppose if REALLLLLLLY pushed, the wilderness lodge is the one that I'd have to go with. Coming back from a busy magic kingdom by boat at 3am after EMH evening, everyone tired and it was all so calm and peaceful. Ahhhhhhhh

    I also love the contemporary though. I know it's the complete opposite to the wilderness lodge, but it has an excitement to it. Great restaurants and right next door to the magic kingdom. Again, walking back from there after party nights is so easy. The new Bay Lake Towers just builds on this although I prefer the rooms at the contemporary to BLT.

    Port Orleans, both sides, peaceful, great relaxing resorts, great value for money and a nice boat ride to downtown disney.

    The poly is overrated in my opinion and we had some poor experiences staff wise. I'll go back and try it again one day I guess
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    While we certainly found nothing wrong with our stay at the Grand Floridian we consider Animal Kingdom Lodge to be our favorite. There is just a certain ambiance about it as we enter into the lobby that says Welcome Home. Of course I guess it also helps that our favorite restaurant next to V&A is there (JIKO).

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    Pop Century does it for me! It fab resort as it made me feel like a kid once again although we are going to Coronado Spring this year hopefully it going to be a good hotel!

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    I liked the PO Riverside. Cute decor. Ceiling fans in the rooms (plantation manors). Decent cafeteria, bar, and entertainment. Nice gift shop. VERY quiet around the property. Lots of stuff for kids to do. Lots of outdoor activities (fishing, boating, jogging trail...) Nice pool. Ferry boats to and from Downtown Disney.

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