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Thread: Waving hello from the end of the tree tunnel

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    Give herself a nice hug from me and tell her that anytime she wants to check things out here that I'll be waiting to give her some cyber hugs

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    Hello again young lady

    Tink you need my new zoom lens

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    Then she never would have allowed the photo.

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    Oh for goodness sake just join already can't she see how lovely we all are!

    I take it she has read deafjeffs thread as well as hearing you go on ad nauseum about how luuverly we all are

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    Yes just join and have the user name "Herself"

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    I've tried convincing her of that... she doesn't read here, just hears all about you from me.

    She even asks after you! I guess if I stop telling her about everyone she'd have to join, but that would be mean.

    She really is pretty shy.

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    :dozey: shy?

    We just want her as part of the family she doesn't have to post very much at all just say Hi occasionaly


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    Yep. Shy as they come. Giving the go ahead for her photo here was one of those extremely rare bursts of the unexpected!

    But I keep tryin'!

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