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    Is the brand name.

    Do you have one? Do you think they are worth the purchase? Not so much in terms of money spent, but in terms of using it? How does it improve over simply plugging whatever into the wall?

    I saw a portable one and wondered if I didn't have to have that for work, you know?

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    yeah they're very cool IMHO I can definitely see the day where all desks have them inside so that whenever you put down a chargeable device, they'll be charging without having to attach stupid cables

    The pad you have to stick on the phone is a bit of a pain. Not terrible just a bit clunky. Roll on the day when the tech is all inside the device.

    So yeah! quite cute imho
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    I don't have one so I can't answer as to how they work. I am interested to see if they do work.

    I think it's expensive. The mat is roughly $100 and then you have to buy some other thing that's $50.

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    I have to say I was thisclose to buying one during the holiday season. I thought they were a BRILLIANT concept. Must say though, the more I looked into them, the more I was convinced they weren't as brilliant as I wanted them to be.

    It just doesn't tie up all the loose ends as nicely as I'd want it to for the money.

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