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Thread: pirate's league drops prices!

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    OMG Disney's dropped their price and packages at the Pirate's league Now both the boy's and girl's packages are just $29.99 and there's only two to choose from. I think this is a good idea, and they must not have had much buisiness at the higher prices :/ it looks brilliant but I guess not as many boys are up for dressing up unlike the princesses

    saves me more money

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    We have the information right HERE

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    Yay! We have this booked for the boy in August.

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    It's a great package!!! I think that with a price drop you'll see more use. It's great for not only boys but girls who don't do the princess thing.

    Our Seth LOVED every minute of the experience and wears his Jack costume (he of course, being the spoiled little guy that he is, was given the full costume for a gift) every time he goes to WDW now! He even wears the hat out to dinner when he is up here with us. He loves it when we ask the host/ess at the given restaurant if they allow Pirates.

    Seriously, it was the single nicest gift that he could have gotten from WDW. It's a great fun thing to do!

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    Just booked this for my son for when we go in May. The lady on the phone said that after mid May the prices would be going back up again so not sure if need to book early folks. You don't get a picture in with the price on the $29 you have to buy it separate as well but son is gonna love it.

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