Ok, so remember my girlfriend from the other day? The one staying at the "Animal Hotel" and wanting to have a meal with "the dog with the tongue?"

So they left for Disney today. My first text from her read "Couldn't find the parking garage, went to the wrong gate and now our flight is delayed. Please tell me it will get better."

Of course I texted her saying, "It will ABSOLUTELY get better, I'll send pixie dust right away!!"

The next text read, "Pixie dust received!! We just landed!!!"

I was so excited for her. This is their first Disney trip and in many ways, it's a life changing one. To give you a brief history...consider the last couple on EARTH you'd expect to have children, and then look right below that couple and you'll find Michelle and Jason. Well guess what? They are now utterly and COMPLETELY in love with their new daughter Ryan (as am I). In the past, Michelle and Jason's spring break trips have included such things as a trip to Egypt, the Rainforest and, last year, the Galapagos Islands. Their last trip was a page right out of Robinson Caruso. The ship (and I use that term loosely, very loosely) capsized and hit a rock on their second night at sea and they were forced to abandon ship (seriously people, I'm talking JUMPING INTO THE OCEAN HERE). They faced a total nightmare getting home and to top it off...when she returned...she found out she was expecting. This year she phoned me and said, "Rebecca we're not quite ready for another "adventure" yet, so we were thinking we might try Disney this year. It still sounds fun but Jason feels like it's safe enough in case, (and I quote) "we should need supplies or something" (seriously, that trip traumatized them).

Imagine my disappointment when she texted me this afternoon at six o'clock this evening saying they STILL had not been assigned a room at AKL and Ryan was miserable and tired and had been crying for over two hours and she (Michelle) wasn't far behind. She thinks she jinxed, a harbinger of bad vacations.

I feel so very bad for her. These are two of the most deserving, hard working people you will ever know. Michelle has been at our school for over 10 years and Jason works a bazillion hours a week running a community center in Bridgeport (think inner city and all that entails). They NEED this vacation to be magical. Or heck, at the very least not be miserable.

All that to say I'd like to do something special for them...send them something to their room, pay for a nice dinner some where....ANYTHING that might brighten their trip a bit...

Any thoughts or suggestions would be ENTIRELY appreciated.