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Thread: Which coins will I need to pay the toll?

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    EZ Pass. You can get a sunpass too. Same difference.

    I think the tolls from the airport are about 6-8$, depending upon where you actually go, and which route you take.

    It's pricey, I know that. Went up recently too.

    The transponder gives you a bit of a discount, so that adds to my lack of knowledge on the current tolls.

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    If you take the north exit from the airport and then follow the SR528 Beachline Expressway to the I4, if I remember correctly the first toll booth near the airport is $1.00 and the 2nd toll booth is $1.50. They were always both manned everytime I went through them last year.

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    Cheers guys...Simon and Tink.

    Good information.

    After a long flight, with navigating to do, having a good idea about the tolls will make arrival at the hotel less stressful!


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    Simon has just been there, so his info will be most current.

    However if you continue on to Osceola Parkway, you'll run into unmanned booths.

    Now, not to scare you, but do have the coins ready...

    There was a horrifying incident (several) years ago when a visitor left his car and went to the car behind him in line to borrow change.

    Have the coins, go to change only lanes, toss the coins into the basket, the light will say go, and you are off.

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    theres not one set charge, when i was there some are 50c, some 75c.....thats why i said have quarters and $ bills ready and you cant go wrong....sorry should have said that

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    The last time I went we took 528 from the airport to the WDW area and we passed through 2 tolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarey, post: 197473
    Excited for you Chief! Our 7 year old is already bouncing off the walls and we have 10 days to go!

    are you staying at disney? we are in a villa.

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    I have a Sunpass now myself, but as Tink says, I highly recommend taking quarters NOT $$ as there are unmanned toll booths that will not take the $$.

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