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Thread: Leave a Legacy type of thing

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    Does anybody know if there is anything like leave a legacy at IOA or US? Or anything or anywhere at either park where you can leave something in memory of someone?

    Thank you!

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    You know? I don't. I've not ever heard of it, but that means nothing as I'm not a huge US or IOA person...

    Perhaps if you are there you could ask at one of their gates?

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    Thanks Tink, ive not seen anything before when weve been there, but unless im looking out for something i dont often see it anyway!
    Maybe i could email them?

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    Could you let me know? this would be fab for my partner!

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    Just a update! I emailed US and had a very nice, very unexpected phone call from one of the staff members!
    She said unfortunately they dont have anything like that, they have to follow the rules and regulations of Orange County, which doesnt allow anything like this. Disney are in Oscala (sp!) and have their own rule and regs to follow - which does allow the leave a legacy type of thing.
    A few people have asked so its something that they looked into, but unfortunately they arent allowed to do it. Such a shame!

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    Hmmmmm....not so sure that is completely accurate. But no matter.

    Disney is huge and is in the four county area. (Polk, Orange, Osceola and Lake). So the land of their parks could easily be in Orange county too...

    On the other hand, one time years ago with TiW card was new, AK had a terrible time getting it right. When we found ourselves in Guest Services trying to retrieve our refunds, the worker there said they would have offered the beer (the problem to begin with) for free but that was against Florida law.

    "Oh really? Wow! Sea World must be breaking the law every day then!" The CM didn't quite know how to answer that! LOL!

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    Oh yes of course - they give away Bud dont they!!!

    I wonder if its something they will look into further into the future, i hope that they do

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    oh that's a shame Kate.

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