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Thread: Narcosees or citricos?

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    What do you reckon? Can you see fireworks ? What's the difference? I'm presuming that lobstah is not included in the DDP? Thanks

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    Narcoosees is away from the main hotel on the lake front so has more firework potential.

    Personally speaking I've never eaten at either but when menu surfing I have always been more tempted by the Citricos menu.

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    We loved Citricos Julie - will definitely be doing that again next year after choosing CG over it last year!

    Not sure about fireworks view though


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    These are two totally different restaurants.
    Narcoosee`s has an outside deck area where you can view the fireworks and also the music/narrative is piped into the restaurant. You can easily see the fireworks from within the place unless there are loads of folk on the deck area [or standing up in the restaurant ] and thus obstructing your view!
    Service here is a bit hit and miss and it can sometimes get a bit noisy if there are loads of small children dining there but the food is ok.

    Citrico`s on the other hand has a more adult feel to the place and is more of a fine dining experience with the food being excellently presented.
    You would be able to see the fireworks but only if you manage to get seated at at table by [or close to] the wall of the restaurant facing the MK.

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    We so disliked our experience and food at Narcoosee's we've never returned.

    The view of the fireworks was obstructed as Slowhand describes, by shouting, noisy people who gathered on the outside "porch."

    I can honestly say, with the possible exception of Sanaa, that was the worst service ever at WDW (even worse than the very werid service at California Grill).

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    The last time we ate at Narcoossee's I wasn't impressed but Donna loved her meal. For food and ambiance we much prefer Citrico's but if the fireworks are your primary interest then Narcoossee's wins hands down.

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    I really like the location of Narcoosees. We've had some great meals there, sitting by the window, watching the water pageant and so on. Then at other times, we've had the worst service possible from there from complete idiots who shouldn't be working at Disney. We prefer the menu here to that of Citricos.

    Citricos and us have a somewhat spotty history. We always turn up when it's closed We even had two reservations booked and confirmed, and when we turned up, closed. When we finally did get to eat there, they recommended a white salmon which was tasteless and awful. The staff however were nice and the view from our table was wonderful.

    So hmmmm! We don't rush to go back to Citricos but that's more about the menu than anything else. We sometimes really fancy Narcoosees and sometimes it works out WONDERFULLY and other times we come out saying we'll never eat there again.

    Considering they're not inexpensive and they're at the flagship resort, they should both be better IMHO.
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    thank you! i think we'll go for Citricos and i'm not taking the kids!

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