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Thread: can I treat a guest to dinner on my meal plan?

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    I know you are not suposta use your meal plan on someone who is not on the plan, however would a waiter know the diffrence if my mother joins us one meal and we use one of our table service credits off our delux dinning plan??

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    I've never used the DDP so don't know how the card is set up. I believe it is just set up for x number of each type of service. If that is the case then the wait staff should be none the wiser.

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    yeah they are indeed non-transferable in theory however in practice, as long as you have enough credits to pay for the meal, no one minds

    indeed you normally just give in one card from the group and they subtract the credits from that account using that card

    So yes you'll be fine
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    Just to chime in...we've done this before with no problem. Typically when traveling with another family who is also on the dining plan with whom we will be having other meals. We use our card for one entire meal, they use their card for the next. It evens out and saves the waiter/waitress a bit of headache.

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    Good info. I had no idea.

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    i'm sure as long as the wait staff get a decent tip they don't care!

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