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Thread: Blackberry help

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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh Techno phobe alert

    My DD has just got a blackberry curve. We are trying to set up Wi-Fi. It finds our home network and then gives me a pin to put into the router. I can't put a pin manually into my router. On the ipods we have just put our wi-fi password in and bingo.
    Help please anyone

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    Get a Droid? Yeah, I know like you need a smartmouth response when you are having problems.

    Sorry, Siobhan. Clearly, I can't help.

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    if you click back instead of next when you scan for wireless routers, it allows you to enter the security key instead
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    There is an excellent website called that can answer almost any Blackberry question that you have.

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    Thanks guys. She's all sorted. Great website Jon, thank you.

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