I believe in the 50% tax for those earning over £150,000. Mark, I'd like to see where u get your figures from about military earning that sort of money. £5 a day for expenditures such as laundry, telephone calls and meals paid for up to a max amount, reciepts have to be produced while travelling to places such as the US. Allowances while in the desert are about £6 a day, and that's taxed.

I do worry if the conservatives get in that they will go straight for the kill and cut without research. I agree that efficiencies can and should be made but those arealready starting to be made. If they get in then our best defence will be being friends with other nations, woe betide if anyone decides to take a pop at us!

I've come to the conclusion that it's better the devil you know, either way in 5 years time we'll all be sat here moaning about the same things LOL