I've got all my ADRs situated for our trip next month. I've changed them just a few times:gy: but I'm pretty sure I'm done. The only thing I keep trying occassionally for is to switch to dinner for Le Cellier and Coral Reef instead of lunch. So...for me, DH, and DS11:

Sunday 8/24 Liberty Tree Tavern 4:15pm

Monday 8/25 No ADR's but we'd like to hit the Pepper Market at Coronado Springs for a CS lunch

Tuesday 8/26 Le Cellier 2:20pm

Wednesday 8/27 Cape May Buffet 6:55pm

Thursday 8/28 Ohana 6:20pm

Friday 8/29 Coral Reef 2:00pm

Saturday 8/30 Hoop de Doo 5:15pm

Sunday 8/31 No ADR's as we will have no credits left...but thinking about 1900 Park Faire for Brekkie as our flight is much later

I'm also going to try to sneak in a CS lunch at Wofgang Puck Express because I've heard such great things about it.