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Thread: Best ticket company?

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    So many people have recommended different companies like maple leaf, Orlando ticket deals and attraction tickets

    They all seem the same to me but dont want to make a mistake so anyone used any of these

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    I buy my tickets from Orlando Ticket Deals they are normally one of the cheapest around and you received actual tickets not vouchers.

    I've never used Maple Leaf although I've heard very good reports

    I also tend to check out the sites of US and SW because they sometimes have offers on and it works out even cheaper especially of the /$ rate is good - like it is now

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    We have always used Orlando Ticket Deals too....real tickets and they arrive within the week. Also, they price match any UK based internet site. They haven't always been the chepest to go with but, you just give them the web address of any cheaper deal and you get that same price.

    They are goo to correspond with too if you have any queries...they are very prompt in replying.

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