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Thread: a disney wedding?

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    Its too late for the next trip but perhaps the trip after

    How much does this cost and is it hard to arrange? does anyone have any pictures of what it looks like at disney?

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    If I'm not mistaken, the packages start at about $5000. Getting married at Disney is not cheap!!! I think that some of us on here *know* somone who married at Disney...

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    We got married at Disney in 2002 at the wedding pavilion

    I'll try and upload some photos when I remember. It's not cheap but it's really great
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    There are quite a few venues to have your ceremony and reception at/in with a WDW wedding! I know someone who had their reception in the rotunda of the American Pavillion! (After EPCOT closed for the evening, of course). You really can do nearly anything you please, for a price.

    Keith, can't wait to see your photos again! Helen was so beautiful.

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    Keith! WE WANT PHOTO's!

    I really did think that it would be less than $5000.. I know that's a starter price but it's still quite good... I thought weddings where like WAY more expensive than that
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    i got the dvd for the weddings you can have anything but it all costs extra it starts from $4000 for a small intimate wedding for less than 18 people. there are loads of add on extras though

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