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OK, so now.

I know so very little about Indian culture. Can you explain the significance of some of the things? If there is a significance I mean.

For example, the arm of bangles the bride is wearing. Is there a significance to that, or is it simply beauty?

The scarf that the groom is wearing... again, significant? Or is it just part of the outfit.

I love your little guy in the pale pink by the way. Looks gorgeous on him!!

Hey Tink,

I'll try to answer your questions but I'm not an expert:-

The Bridal bangles are put on the bride's arms by her maternal uncle and worn for a specific amount of time after the wedding to signify newlywed status.
The groom's scarf is tied to the bride's saree, symbolizing the union of their two souls
Kyle looked cute but next weekend when we have the full Indian Wedding, he has a gorgoeous Indian Sherwani suit so I'll post more pictures next Sunday