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Thread: top ten things to do other than rides?

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    What are you top then things to do while in orlando other than the disney rides?

    last time I was there some friends introduced us to jellyrolls which I think was at the boardwalk resort. it was brilliant and I wonder what other things we're missing!

    for those who havent tried its a bar with duelling pianos and boy are they ever talented pianoists

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    You may get some ideas from our guide HERE

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    we always visit

    a must for us is the disney water parks
    non disney parks
    down town disney
    old town, for the hotrods
    florida mall
    premium outlets
    prime outlets
    1st time last trip we visited a disney hotel(the boardwalk)

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    We always go to Winter Park Farmers Market on our first Saturday morning, we then do the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour.

    Mount Dora is lovely, so is Harry P Leu Gardens

    You could try the wine tour at Lakeridge Winery, at the end of the tour you taste a few of the wines. Then pop to TJ Maxx at Clermont


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    We really enjoy walking the world showcase.

    The Segway tour was fun too!

    Visit the resorts that interest you the most.

    Ride the monorail (hey! that's not a real ride ).

    Walk from DTD to OKW and or SSR.

    Watch the movie on the beach at the Beach Club.

    Visit the boardwalk.

    Rent a surrey (but NOT at the boardwalk! ).

    Rent a pontoon boat (at DTD).

    Visit the spa.

    Enjoy the pool...

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    Old Town gets a thumbs up from me, especially on a Saturday night for The Saturday Nite CruiseŽ

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    Check out all the resorts.

    Enjoy a movie at DTD

    Shop at DTD and just stroll around there.

    Enjoy a hammock

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    Play lots of crazy golf!

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    Coach outlet ....faints....

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