The one with 0 minutes wait for Spiderman

We stopped at Pizza Predatoria, which funnily enough serves pizza and other related items. It looked a bit seedy but it had stuff that we would all eat, even the kids, so we took a deep breath and ordered. It was actually very good for theme park, fast food and I thoroughly recommend the Caesar salad on a pizza crust. My gum was still a little tender from the previous week’s infection so I was unable to do full justice to the pizza crust but it was still a surprisingly pleasant dining experience. Nearby there were also plenty of tables and chairs and just round the corner was the obligatory restroom.

I’ve got written in my trip notes at this point the phrase, “I’ve got a banana in my bag and I’m not afraid to use it,” and I have no idea what it relates to. I know it was me that said it because I always have a banana in my bag when I’m out with Steven. I can only guess that it was something to do with feeding Steven once he had awakened from his nap. It will have to remain one of life’s great unsolved mysteries I’m afraid to say.

After lunch we head into the Jurassic Park Discovery Center and end up spending about 30 minutes in here because the lower level has lots of stuff the kids can play with and learn about dinosaurs at the same time. It’s also a lovely carpeted area and Steven had great fun crawling around all the exhibits here. He and Harry spent an age playing round the big wooden dinosaur in here, opening all the doors revealing all sorts of secret dinosaur things to touch and play with. Great place to let your little ones burn off some energy in a nice air-conditioned building. Us grown-ups sat around on the benches and had a rest.

Oops forgot to rotate those.

From here we moved on to Toon Lagoon and sighed with relief to see that Pluto’s Bilge Rat Barges were not operating today. Last time Adrian and myself rode on this we got so wet that Adrian was still wringing his shorts out half an hour later. We just knew that if they were running Ellie would want to ride so we were not at all disappointed to make this discovery. Dudley DooRight still had his Ripsaw Falls going and we stood at the bridge watching them for a while before Ellie announced that she needed to ride this. Well it was a warm day, but it was getting on into the afternoon now so we knew that if we got a decent soaking, as can well happen here, we would not dry out before the evening closed in so we all backed out. Except Big Steve – remember the one who can’t stand heights. In they both go and we wait by the exit and watch the logs come down the big drop. Steven was awake in his buggy at this time and he and Harry were playing ‘This Little Piggy’ while we waited. Dead cute.

Eventually the log came down and they exited looking wet, but luckily not too wet. Ellie then had to go through the ritual of checking her height again. This became a strange ritual as each ride we entered she had to check her height at every point along the way even though we assured her it wasn’t possible to shrink two inches in two minutes.

Anyway we wandered through Toon Lagoon playing with all the cool interactive stuff that everyone just walks straight past, and browsing in the stores, and visiting all the restrooms.

Whilst in one store I turned round to find Harry strapped in his buggy abandoned in the middle of the shop just sitting there quite happily. Apparently this happens a lot and he is quite used to it.

Shopping done with we move into the Superhero Marvel Island place where they play the music too loud all the time. There was a Japanese film crew there with some presenters who must have been dressed like that for a bet. They looked totally ridiculous. Anyway they were, like the rest of us, waiting for the superheroes to make an appearance. Harry wanted to meet Spiderman and of course we could not let Harry down. The superheroes appeared on their quad bikes and rode up and down for a bit before parking and taking up their relevant spots for photo calls. The Japanese film crew immediately took over the Spiderman area and no one could get near him while they were filming. We went over to meet Captain America while we waited and let me tell you, those muscles are all real. Very impressive.

Eventually the stupidly dressed film crew left the area and a line formed for Spiderman. Steven went and got his photo taken and was not impressed with the webbed one at all. Harry by now thought Spidey was a bit gairy and would only go with Lisa to have a photo done.

These were the only two of the five we recognised so we left the rest and went over to the Spiderman ride. No wait! I repeat, no wait! What is going on? There’s always a wait here. There must be a catch. Anyway Adrian volunteered to sit with Steven and Harry and the rest of us went in the check this no wait thing out. And there was no wait. There was literally a dozen people in front of us and we got straight on. We were in and out so quickly that Lisa stayed with Harry and Steven so Adrian could ride and the rest of us went round a second time – with no wait! Still can’t believe that; we rode Spiderman twice in the space of 10 minutes. This surely needed celebrating with a spot of retail therapy.

Across to the shop we went and looked around all the superhero and Hulk stuff. Out the back of this shop there was a studio where Spiderman was hanging around waiting for people to have photos done. Harry spotted him and waved to Spidey who waved back. Lisa asked Harry if he wanted to have a proper photo done but Harry still thought Spidey was a bit too gairy to get close to so settled for waving at him from a safe distance.