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Thread: is it possible to walk to any malls?

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    Hmmm is it possible and safe to walk to any shops or malls from Downtown disney?

    I think the premium outlets mall is quite close but I dont remember seeing people walk anywhere last time we were out there

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    In theory you could walk to the Premium Outlet Mall from DTD but I certainly wouldn`t advise you to do it.
    Apart from it being quite a long journey [especially if you are laden with your shopping], you would have to negotiate the very busy roads in the vacinity.
    If you won`t have a car then I would suggest taking a cab from DTD as it shouldn`t cost the Earth.

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    There are tragic stories of visitors being struck (and unfortunately killed) by cars when trying to cross extremely busy intersections in the greater Orlando area.

    The entire area really is not set up for pedestrian traffic.

    You could walk (on sidewalks, which makes it safe) from DTD to Crossroad's, but that's not a shopping mall. There are some fast food places there, and a TGI Friday's I believe. A grocery is there too, but it's ridiculously, stupid expensive and the quality of the food is horrible. Disney prices are cheaper!

    You'll want a car of your own, or you'll want to take a cab.

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    yep, as someone who doesnt have a car when I'm out there, the above advice is, sadly, spot on.

    We've walked to Crossroads from DTD and even that was a bit far for me but yeah, a nice enough stroll. However get to the end, and there's a fairly busy road to cross there. It's definitely doable though.

    However, elsewhere, it's just bizarrely impossible. Coming from the UK where pretty much everything is setup for walkers to cross, it's weird how dangerous the Orlando roads are for pedestrians.

    We often get a cab to the borders/bestbuy opposite the florida mall, have a look around and then TRY to cross to the florida mall. There's even a pedestrian crossing but even WITH that, the cars come from all directions even with the lights on red (largely because of the right turn on red rule).

    All in all, walking anywhere in Orlando is troublesome

    A cab from DTD won't cost much although as ever, more than it feels like it should cost
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    tbh i wouldnt want to carry shopping bags out in the open for a long walk, not after the stories you sometimes hear

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    Very good point Mick.

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