So sorry, I haven't been around in a few weeks . I did post some important threads in Collectibles including pin trading and have responded to a few posts . But usually I'm online very late .
We returned from WDW on March 29th after four glorious nights at SSR . We really loved the atmosphere of this resort . Very Quiet and bus transportation was right on .
Before that , we were in Cocoa FL for four nights . For the first time , we went to the beach , visited manatee serenity park . It was gorgeous and had a nice walking park . We had rock shrimp at Florida Sunset Restaurant along the bay . Sunset was breathtaking .
I really need to write a proper trip report .
Jimminey has been very sick . He started suffering with allergies & breathing in FL already as the pollen count was so high . And once we came home , it only got worse . Finally has an appt today with his lung specialist .
If that wasn't bad enough , his father disappeared in Wegmans . The police found him sleeping in a bank parking lot . Then on his way to the doctors he almost caused a serious car accident . His license plate was reported and the police were called .
After the doctors have attributed his condion to depression and psychlogical . They finally realized his blood oxygen was only 76 . Anything below 90 is critical . He also was diagnosed with emphysema . He was in the hospital for a week .
Needless to say , my DH is so very upset he could chew tacks . Cannot say here what he really thinks of his doctors or I would be banned fast . Jimminey goes by his parents every morning and adminsters the inhalants to his father as he is too weak to do it on his own . He tells me , his father was such a strong man and now a broken, frail, 90 year looking old man . He's only 76 . Oh, and they have also taken his drivers license away , which is something I said, should have been done saometime ago , but what do I know .
I've been helping with grocery shopping, cleaning and prescription pick ups . It's really taking a toll on us all . Now, MoM is sick with a terrible cold & fever .
But through this all , I have booked three new trips . Yes , Three !
First get away... will be too a Lobsterfest in May and a visit to DC . I look forward to seeing some friends I haven't seen in quite sometime . Staying with Jimminey's sister May 14th to 16th and then 2 nights in DC .
My next trip is solo in August . 23rd August to 2nd September . 23rd -26th - 8 , I will be in Cocoa, FL visiting friends , going to the beach and just hanging out . August 26th , I check into Pop Century for the pin event and will be at WDW till September 2nd . If anyone else is there these dates , please let me know . Would LoVe to meet you .
Then our next trip is October 20th to 29th at WDW . We are staying four nights 20-10 to 24-10 at All Star Movies , Toy Story Building . Something Jim & I have always wanted to do as it was the very first onsite resort & building we stayed .
Then we rented points and are staying at Bay Lake Towers 24-10 to 29-10 . We are really looking forward to the Food N Wine Festival and Boyz II Men are performing 26-10 to 28-10 .
I guess my most exciting news is that whie we were there in March, I purchased an Annual Pass .
So, there you have it . My life since we returned . I look forward to chatting with you all again . Missed You !