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Thread: swimming in disney lakes?

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    We're staying by the magic kingdom and I know the kids will want to go swimming but apparently this isnt allowed for safety reasons???

    If thats true, why do they allow water sports?

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    Water Sports are allowed but swimming is not allowed The reason for the ban on swimming is due to ameobic infestation of the water. It does happen sometime in central florida. A child died last year (though not at disney) due to complications of exposure to ameobas (it was in orldando, but at some public lake). Waterskiing is still allowed while swimming is not probably because ameobas will usually reside in the silt (read muck) at the bottom of lakes. If you go swimming, you're walking on that muck and stirring it up, releasing amoebas into the water around you which can then get into your gi tract or other areas you'd rather not have them. When you go waterskiing, you're out in the middle of the lake and will probably never touch the bottom and therefore not stir up the muck and wake the nasty amoebas.

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    Even if the lakes were "clean" there is NO WAY in H E double hockey sticks that I would go swimming in any lake, pond, etc. in Florida. Too many gators and/or snakes. The Ocean or a swimming pool are fine.

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    Still water (lakes, ponds, ect.) when reaching a water temperature of 80 degrees, then contain the amoeba that is referred to above.

    If the amoeba enters the body through any cavity (usually the nose) it's usually quite tragic. Although, still very rare, it's increasing in frequency.

    Regardless, tell the parents of the 12 year old that it was rare. I don't think they'll give a good damn.

    Plus, there are other nasty eColi type bacterias in FL waters. Red tide at the ocean and gulf from time to time too.

    So, stay out of the Disney water (and for my point of view, any fresh water source in FL) and know the red tide situation before you head to the waters of the beaches on the ocean and the gulf.

    Pollution at its finest.

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    Do they have that problem in the various springs today also?

    When I was growing up down there, we used to go to Rainbow Springs, Lithia Springs and Weeki Wachi Springs all the time and go swimming. Actually, in Weeki Wachi we used to swim in the river just down from the springs. The actual springs were the local tourist trap!

    Of course, that was a long time ago. I won't tell how long.

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    Id rather use a pool i think!

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